1944 - 1949

17 Apr 44
:  TIRU's keel was laid by the Mare Island Naval Shipyard, Vallejo, CA. She was originally scheduled for launching in November 1944, but construction work was suspended at the end of World War II. TIRU's percentage of completion saved her from the scrap pile which claimed the other submarines on Mare Island's building ways.

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Summer 1947:  Construction was resumed.

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Aug 47:  Announcements made regarding the launching of TIRU.

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16 Sep 47:   TIRU was launched as the Navy's first guppy-snorkel submarine . She was the twentieth submarine to be launched at Mare Island since the first (USS Tuna) on 2 October 1940. TIRU was sponsored by Mrs. John P. Cromwell, whose husband, the late Captain Cromwell, USN, was a submarine Attack Group Commander and chose to go down with the USS Sculpin (S-10), off Truk atoll in 1944, rather than be captured by the Japanese (awarded the Medal of Honor).

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After launching TIRU underwent conversion to a "GUPPY" type submarine; incorporated new submarine ideas and developments based upon wartime experiences and influenced by innovations on captured German Type XXI submarines.

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1 Sep 48:  TIRU was commission at 4 p.m. on a Wednesday.  She was the first post war submarine to be commissioned at Mare Island.

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Lieutenant Commander C.N.G. Hendrix assumed the duties as the first Commanding Officer of the TIRU. Captain Hendrix had completed 12 combat patrols during World War II.

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Sep 48--Feb 49:   Conducted training and trials off the west coast in the vicinity of San Francisco and San Diego before heading for Hawaii.

10 Feb 49:  Underway enroute Pearl Harbor.

18 Feb 49:  Arrived Pearl Harbor on 18 February 1949 and attached to Submarine Division Twelve (SubDiv12).

Feb 49--Dec 49:  Operated in Hawaiian waters for the remainder of 1949.

1 Apr 49:  Reassigned to Submarine Division Eleven (SubDiv11).

1950 - 1959

Jan 50--Jun 50
:  TIRU operated locally around Pearl Harbor.

Jun 50:  TIRU commenced a 12-day snorkel voyage from Pearl Harbor to the west coast. This was the longest submerged transit by a U.S. submarine to date.

27 Jun 50:  Arrived at San Diego. 

15 Aug 50:  Lt. Commander Gray relieved Commander Hendrix as Commanding Officer. 

31 Aug 50:  Commenced regular overhaul at Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard.

5 Apr 51:  Completed overhaul at Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard.

9 Jun 51
:  TIRU sailed for the Far East and her first Western Pacific (WestPac) deployment. While in Asiatic waters, she operated in support of United Nations forces engaged in combating communist aggression in Korea. TIRU conducted two war patrols in Korean waters during this deployment. During this period TIRU made rendezvous with the USS Volador (SS-490) and the USS Ronquil (SS-396) to exchange patrol reports and other intelligence.

12 Jun 51: Crossed 180th meridian.

2 Jul 51:  Reassigned to Submarine Division Seventy-One.

30 Jul 51: Completed First Korean War Patrol.

Sep 51:  In Port Atami, Izu Peninsula, Japan.

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15 Oct 51: Completed Second Korean War Patrol.

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26 Nov 51:  Departed Yokosuka, Japan.

6 Dec 51:  Arrived at Pearl Harbor.

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Dec 51--Feb 52:  Operations in the Hawaiian area.

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19 Mar 52:  TIRU was visited by the Secretary of the Navy, Mr. Dan A. Kimball, accompanied by RADM  Momsen and CO of Tiru.

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28 Jun 52:  Commander Cappello relieved Commander Gray as Commanding Officer.

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12 Jul 52:  Commenced regular overhaul at Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard.

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9 Dec 52:  Completed overhaul at Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard.

24 Feb 53:  TIRU underway for her second West Pac Deployment (Korea). Using Yokosuka as a resupply base the Tiru monitored coastal activities and delivered Special Forces to undisclosed location west of Japan.

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Jul 53:  Off south eastern Honsuu, TIRU conducted hunter-killer exercises with the Destroyers Gatling, Rupertus, Tucker, Stemble, Mason , the Oilier Manatee, and the submarine Queenfish. Visited Chichi Jima while enroute to Japan.

Aug 53: Visited Yokosuka, Japan.

27 Aug 53:  Returned to Pearl Harbor.

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14 Nov 53:  In port at Kahului Coast Guard pier on the Island of Maui for public visitation.

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Jan - Apr 54: Conducted training operations in the Hawaiian area.

13 Feb 54: TIRU selected as Boat of the Week by Patrol Magazine.

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27-28 Mar 54: Open house in the port of Hilo, Hawaii.

2 May 54:  Commenced regular overhaul at Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard.

24 Jun 54:  Commander Johnson relieved Commander Cappello as Commanding Officer.

9 Sep 54:  Completed overhaul. Commenced local operations.

31 Mar 55
:  Commenced 3rd WestPac Deployment.

Apr - Oct 55:  During deployment visited Okinawa and Hong Kong.

4 Apr 55:  TIRU was initiated as a shellback in the Kingdom of Neptune Rex, crossing the equator both surfaced and submerged.

12 Oct 55:  Returned to Pearl Harbor from WestPac deployment.

  The USS Walker operated with the "ace" submarine TIRU in a day long duel off Diamond Head under the observation of Vice Admiral Curtis, Deputy CincPacFlt.

7 Jul 56:  Commenced regular overhaul at Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard.

28 Jul 56:  Lt. Commander McDonald relieved Commander Johnson as Commanding Officer.

9 Dec 56:  Completed overhaul. Commenced local operations.

6 Mar 57:  TIRU commenced her 4th WestPac deployment.

6 - 31 Mar 57:  Tiru conducted Sixth Special Surveillance Patrol.

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May 1957:  TIRU and USS Orleck, USS John R. Craig, USS Perkins, USS Bugara, USS O'Bannon, USS Parks, and aircraft conducted ASW and Torpedo firing exercises between Okinawa and Hong Kong.

 Jun 57 - 9 Jul 57:  Tiru conducted Seventh Special Surveillance Patrol.

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9 Sep 57:  Returned to Pearl Harbor from WestPac deployment.

31 Mar 58 - 15 May 58:  Tiru conducted Eighth Special Surveillance Patrol.

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30 Aug 58:  Lt. Commander Cobean relieved Commander McDonald as Commanding Officer.

22 Oct 58:  Commenced 5th WestPac deployment. During the deployment Tiru visited Hong Kong, Buckner Bay in Okinawa, and Chi Chi Jimi in the Bonin Islands.

1 Jan 59--17 Apr 59:   Operated with the 7th Fleet.

17 Apr 59:  TIRU returned to Pearl Harbor for a major overhaul.

4 May 59:  Entered the shipyard on 4 May 1959 for a fleet rehabilitation and modernization (FRAM) conversion to a Guppy III.:

  • Hull was lengthened by 12 feet.
  • New Conning Tower, five feet longer than its predecessor
  • Added fiberglass sail and after superstructure.
  • Internally centralizing the electronic area allowed for increased sonar and ordinance equipment which greatly enhanced the ship's capabilities.
  • Increased torpedo load capability from 24 to 30

Aug 59:  TIRU was awarded its second battle efficiency award, the first Pearl Harbor based boat to win the award for two consecutive years.

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3 Sep 59:  Commander Thomas relieved Command Cobean as Commanding Officer.

31 Dec 59: On the last day of the year 1959, TIRU emerged from the overhaul a virtually "new" ship. The first Guppy III submarine.

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1960 - 1969

1 Jan 60--10 Nov 60:  TIRU conducted local operations out of Pearl Harbor to prove the worth of the FRAM/Guppy III conversion.

Feb 60--Mar 60:  TIRU conducted torpedo exercises with the USS Lansing (DER-388), USS Fletcher (DDE-445, USS Greenlet (ASR-10), USS Grayback (SS-574), USS Bluegill (SS-242).   

Jun - Jul 60:  TIRU went to sea for three weeks in response ot increased missile firing activities in the Pacific by the USSR.

10 Nov 60:  After testing and honing her capabilities TIRU departed Pearl Harbor for her sixth 7th Fleet deployment.

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14--15 Apr 61:  Inport Yokosuka, Japan.

10 May 61:  TIRU returned to Pearl Harbor on 10 May 1961 upon completion of her sixth WestPac cruise. TIRU visited Subic Bay, Hong Kong, and Yokosuka during the deployment.

21 Aug 61:  Commander Hallett relieved Commander Thomas as Commanding Officer.

May 61--Mar 62: Local operations out of Pearl Harbor.

Jan 62 (mid):  Conducted torpedo shooting to test different types of torpedoes.

Feb 62 (2nd week):  Participated in an exercise again a carrier and destroyer escorts.

15 Mar 62:  Commenced 7th WestPac deployment.

3 May 62:  Returned to Pearl Harbor.

Jun 62: 
 TIRU operated with a carried task force on ASW "hunter-killer" exercises.

4, 5, 6 Jun 62
:  TIRU conducted ASW exercises with the USS Lansing (DDE-445).

23 Jun 62:  While the submarine TIRU was engaged in a firing exercise (approximately 15 nm SW of Pearl Harbor), a torpedo malfunction in her After Torpedo Room seriously damaged the compartment, and 18 men were overcome by toxic gases. Quick reaction averted a more serious tragedy and earned four men Navy and Marine Corp medals.

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13 Sep 62:  Commenced regular overhaul at Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard:

  • Installed a passive ranging sonar system (PUFFS), AN/BQG-4.

  • Improved electronics and fire control system.

  • Installed an improved air-conditioning system.

9 Feb 63:  Lt. Commander Surman relieved Commander Hallett as Commanding Officer.

15 Feb 63:  Completed overhaul. Conducted operations in local operating area.

1 Apr 63:  Reassigned to Submarine Division Twelve.

May 63: Conducted sonar and fire control calibrations in Dabob Bay, Washington.

7-10 May 63: Inport Bangor, Washington.

11-13 May 63: Inport Vancouver, British Columbia.

21 Jun 63:  Commenced eighth WestPac deployment.

25 Jun 63: Inport Midway.

5-13 Jul 63: Inport Yokosuka.

16-17 Jul 63: Inport Naha, Okinawa.

24-31 Jul 63: Inport Hong Kong

Aug 63: Conducted exercises with Multi-Carrier task force. TIRU made several successful simulated attacks.

8-11 Aug 63: Inport Naha, Okinawa.

22 Aug - 4 Sep 63: Inport Yokosuka.

Sep 63: Conducted ASW exercise with other submarines and a Hunter/Killer group. Provided services to the Japanese Maritime Self Defense Force and Japanese VP aircraft.

14-17 Sep 63: Inport Hadodate, Japan.

25-27 Sep 63: Inport Sasebo, Japan

9 - 24 Oct 63: Inport Yokosuka

Nov 63: Conducted a major exercise simulating wartime conditions with a large part of the Seventh Fleet. Provided services in Japan's Annual Pacific Maneuvers, making simulated attacks on the convoy escorts.

9 - 10 Nov 63: Inport Subic Bay, Philippines.

26 Nov - 10 Dec 63: Inport Yokosuka

21 Dec 63:  Returned to Pearl Harbor from deployment. Qualified during deployment: 32 enlisted and 2 officers.

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Jan 64: Upkeep at Pearl Harbor.

Feb - Apr 64: Local Operations.

May 64: Upkeep at Pearl Harbor

Jun 64: Participated in a SUBROC evaluation project.

Jul - Aug 64 (1st 3 weeks): Local operations.

1 Jul 64:  Reassigned to Submarine Division Seventy-Two.

Aug - Jul 64: Upkeep at Pearl Harbor.

Oct 64: Local training operations.

21 Oct 64:  Commenced ninth WestPac deployment.

19 Dec 64:  Returned to Pearl Harbor from deployment.

10 Feb 65:  Commander DeWispelaere relieved Commander Surman as Commanding Officer.

23 Mar 65:  Commenced tenth WestPac deployment. The deployment  included two six-week deployments in the Gulf of Tonkin for "Plane Guard " duty.  TIRU was awarded the Vietnam Service Medal for the period 4 July to 14 July 1965. Visited Midway, Subic Bay, Philippines; Sasebo, Japan; Hong Kong; & Yokosuka.

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22 Sep 65:  Returned to Pearl Harbor from Deployment.

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22 Sep--24 Oct 65:
Leave and Upkeep

25 Oct--5 Dec 65: Local Operations providing services.

6 Dec 65
TIRU entered another major overhaul:

  • Removal of number two engine for the installation of a masking system to cover the ship's own noise while snorkeling (Prairie-Masker). This system included a 1200 cfm low pressure air compressor in forward engine room, external air emitters along both side of sail, along bilge keels, around the forward engine room and around stern. Prairie screws were also installed.

  • Reballasting due to the removal of the engine and addition of the Prairie-Master. Increased TIRU's metacentric height to 1.28 feet under normal diving trim.

  • Replaced the propeller shaft seals with split face syntron (graphite) seals. This added an emergency flax packing as a backup seal and also allowed change of seals while waterborne.

  • Major alterations to the Fire Control System allowing for the transmission of all torpedo functions from the Conning Tower to the Torpedo Rooms.

  • Installed on-line teletype system, enabling reception of on-line broadcast while at sea.

  • Replaced the two 11.5 ton Air Conditioning compressors with two 30 ton units.

  • Added Rycom 2174A to Sonar suite, allowing frequency determination of active sonars.

  • Added AN/BQA-8 to serve as noise level monitor to measure figure of merit.

16 Apr 66:  Attended Submarine Birthday ball (hosted by Rear Admiral Fluckly).

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10 May 66:  Completed overhaul.

May--Jun 66:  Conducted sea trials until departure for  Keyport, Washington.

14 Jun 66:  TIRU departed Hawaii, for the Naval Torpedo Station at Keyport, Washington, for an alignment and testing of her weapon system. Visited Seattle, Washington for the 4th of July celebrations, hosting over 1500 visitors.

9 Jul 66:  TIRU departed the west coast bound for Hawaiian waters, and made port at Pearl Harbor nine days later to commence pre-deployment operations.

18 Jul 66:  Arrived Pearl Harbor.

18 Jul - 25 Sep 66:  local operations and annual Administration and Operational Readiness Inspection conducted.

16-17 Aug 66:   RADM Maurer, ComSubPac, rode Tiru to observe operations.

19-24 Sep 66:  Installed the Planned Maintenance System (PMS)

26 Sep 66:  Underway from Hawaii for tenth (eleventh?) WestPac deployment.

3 Oct 66:  Crossed Equator at the International Date Line surfaced and submerged. All hands initiated into the Realm of Neptunus Rex as Golden Shellbacks.

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12 Oct 66:  After a 16-day passage from Hawaii, TIRU arrived at Brisbane, Australia, for Australia's Coral Sea Festival.

15 Oct 66:  TIRU sailed to commence ASW exercises in the Coral Sea with warships of the Australian, British, New Zealand, and United States Navies. The nine-day exercise provided for submarine patrol, reconnaissance, and attack operations against both carrier and destroyer task forces.

26 Oct 66:  Returned to Brisbane on 26 October.

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2 Nov 66:  TIRU got underway for Subic Bay, PI via the Coral Sea.

3 Nov 66:  TIRU ran aground on Frederick Reef. For two days and nights, TIRU attempted unsuccessfully to extricate herself by backing off under her own power. HMAS Sydney III, Australian aircraft carrier, stood by, rescuing one sailor who had been washed over the reef in an inflatable life raft.

(click here for photo of Tiru aground on reef)

6 Nov 66:  The civilian tug Carlock and Australian destroyer HMAS Vendetta arrived on the scene and commencing salvage operations under the direction of a 7th Fleet savage officer. Returned to Brisbane escorted by USS Taussig (DD-746).

(click here for Australian view of Tiru aground - Rick Reynolds)

(click here for copy of situation report sent by Captain Paolucci)

    (click here for grounding newspaper articles & photos)

(click here for note from Diver on HMAS Vendetta & Photos )

(click here for note from HMAS Vendetta Crewmember Kev Peacock)

(click here for Australian Defense Force Health Journal Article by Dr. Sakker on Grounding)

(click here for video of Tiru on the reef; taken from the HMAS Sidney by David Highnam)
 (ex Chief Engine Room Artificer. RAN)

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(click here for David Highnam's narrative, ex Chief Engine Room Artificer. RAN, HMS Sidney)

(click here for comments by EM3(SS) David Hoag, USN, on rescue)

(click here for photos provided by Commodore Graham Sloper, RAN)

(click here for Narrative by CO Vendette and MD sent to Tiru, compiled by Cmd Jake Linton, RAN)

7 Nov 66:  Arrived Brisbane. TIRU was drydocked at South Brisbane Dockyard for emergency repairs and damage estimates. TIRU's sonar dome, keel and outer hull were extensively damaged.

(click here for photo of TIRU in drydock Brisbane)

(click here for poem by William Pell, Redcliffe, Queensland)

13 (14?) Nov 66:  Departed Brisbane en-route Yokosuka, Japan.

13 Nov 66--29 Nov 66
: Following temporary repairs to her sonar dome, outer hull, and keel, the submarine made her way from Australia to the United States Naval Ship Repair Facility, Yokosuka, Japan. En route, TIRU called at Guam to provision alongside USS PROTEUS (AS-19) and pick up new crewmembers.

29 Nov 66:  Arrived at Yokosuka and  entered drydock for restricted availability for repairs from the grounding. All bottom side transducers and hydrophones were replaced, new sonar dome installed, and sections of the outer hull replaced.

31 Dec 66:  Completed 4687 dives (and surfacings).

9 Jan 67:  Lt.Commander Shilling relieved Commander DeWispelaere as Commanding Officer.

9 Jan 67
:  Once repaired, TIRU left Yokosuka for Chin Hae, Korea. Number Three Engine ran away as the ship departed Japan.

9-15 Jan 67: Provided services for CTG72.4, a Yokosuka (Iwakuni) based VP squadron.

15--17 Jan 67:  Operated with Republic of Korea (ROK) ASW units.

22 Jan 67:  TIRU arrived back at Yokosuka for upkeep.

7 Feb 67--20 Mar 67:  Conducted special operations

20--31 Mar 67: Upkeep Yokosuka.

1 Apr 67: departed Japan en-route "Yankee Station".

7--10 Apr 67:  Provided services to US Forces off Viet Nam.

8--9 Apr 67:  TIRU conducted ASW exercises with the USS Fletcher (DD-445) and USS Eversole (DD789) under the direction of Rear Admiral Weymouth. She later operated with Nationalist Chinese forces on ASW exercises; conducted additional special operations; and again provided services for patrol plane squadrons based at Iwakuni, before returning to Hawaii.

11--12 Apr 67:  Transited to Subic Bay, Philippines for 3 day upkeep to repair damages from clam shell falling off and hitting the starboard screw.

13--16 Apr 67:  Inport Subic Bay.

17--20 Apr 67:  Conducted special operations.

21-22 Apr 67:   Operated with units of the Republic of China, providing services for aircraft and ASW exercises.

23-30 Apr 67:  Port visit Hong Kong.

1 May 67:  Underway from Hong Kong en-route Yokosuka, providing services to CTU 72.2 & 72.3, VP Squadrons from Japan..

8--15 May 67:  Upkeep in Yokosuka, Japan.

15 May 67: Underway for Pearl Harbor.

27 May--27 Jun 67:  Leave and upkeep Pearl Harbor.

28--29 Jun 67:  Refresher and type training.

30 Jun--2 Jul 67: Inport Kailua, Kona, Hawaii, celebrating the annual Bill Fishing Tournament.

3--17 Jul 67:  Type training and inport Pearl Harbor.

18--29 Jul 67: Upkeep Pearl Harbor.

30 Jul--7 Aug 67: Type training and inport Pearl Harbor.

8--22 Aug 67: POM

23 Aug 67:  Underway from Pear Harbor for special operations.

23 Oct 67:  Returned to Pearl Harbor.

23 Oct--10 Nov 67:  Upkeep Pearl Harbor.

11 Nov--26 Nov 67: Inport Pearl Harbor.

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27 Nov--15 Dec 67:  Provided services for the 127th Submarine Prospective  Commanding Officer's class. Two days inport Lahaina, Maui.

16--31 Dec 67: Upkeep Pearl Harbor.

1 Jan 68:  TIRU commenced the year 1968 as a unit of SubDiv72, SubRon7, and SubFlot5, inport Pearl Harbor.

2 Jan--13 Jan 68:  Conducted operations with Anti-submarine Warfare Group ONE.

13--14 Jan 68: Inport Pearl Harbor.

15--18 Jan 68: Type training in local operating areas.

18--28 Jan 68: Inport Pearl Harbor preparing for SubASWEX 2-28.

29 Jan--9 Feb 68: Conducted SUBASWEX 2-28 with the USS Blackfin (SS322), testing a new torpedo, MK 37-2.

(click here for exercise details and results)

12 Feb--19 Mar 68:   Extended upkeep at Naval Submarine Base, Pearl Harbor in preparation of Operational Readiness Inspection and WestPac deployment.

19 Mar 68:  Underway for preparation of Operational Readiness Inspection and WestPac deployment.

15 Apr 68:  Operational Readiness Inspection.

19--22 Apr 68:  Drydocked in ARD-30 to determine cause of propeller noise. Screw inspection revealed a piece of torpedo guidance wire caught in the Prairie Screw seal (probably from the SUBASWEX in Jan & Feb). The wire destroyed one of the delicate carbon bearing rings in the screw seal.

23 Apr--5 May 68:  Inport and at sea preparations for WestPac deployment.

6 May 68:  Underway for  WestPac deployment.

16 May 68:  TIRU was shifted to operational control of 7th Fleet, operating out of Yokosuka, Japan, after crossing 160šE.

19 May 68:  Arrived Yokosuka, Japan.

(click here for copy of enlisted liberty pass)

23 May 68:  Underway for special operations.

1 Jul 68:  Returned to Yokosuka.

3 Jul 68:  Entered drydock Yokosuka for extensive repairs to the propellers, shafts, and stern planes. The Prairie shaft seals were again damaged and the stern planes stock was cracked. Ship Repair Facility Yokosuka, constructed a new stern plane stock.

18 Jul 68:  Undocked. The main storage battery had exceeded it guaranteed life and was found to be in a highly stratified state. TIRU was severely limited in her operational capabilities by the unreliable battery.

18--23 Jul 68:  Type training in Sagami Wan with USS Pomodon (SS486) and USS Coucal (ASR-8).

24 Jul--5Aug 68:  Participated in  Operation Swift Move-68.

(click here for details on Operation Swift Move)

7--13 Aug 68:  Inport Hong Kong.

15 Aug 68:  Transited the Viet Nam war zone en-route Thailand.

18-19 Aug 68:  Inport Songkhla, Thailand.  Conference with Commander ASW Group ONE of the Royal Thai Navy aboard his flagship PINK LAO (DE-3).

19-22 Aug 68: Conducted operations with  the Royal Thai Navy's ASW Group ONE in the Gulf of Siam.

23 -28 Aug 68:  Inport Bangkok, Thailand.

28 Aug 68:  Underway en-route Iwakuni, Japan.

1 Sep 68:  Transited the Viet Nam war zone. Awarded the Vietnam Service Medal for the period 15 August 1968 to 1 September 1968.

3 Sep 68:  Transit diverted to avoid Typhoon Windy.  Induction line carried away in heavy seas restricting submerged operations. TIRU diverted to Subic Bay, Republic of the Philippines for repairs.

6 Sep 68:  Arrived Subic Bay for upkeep at Subic Bay Ship Repair Facility to repair storm damage.

10 Sep 68:  Lt. Commander Warburton relieved Commander Shilling as Commanding officer.

15 Sep 68:  Underway Subic Bay en-route Yokosuka, Japan.

21 Sep 68:  Arrived Yokosuka.

23 Sep 68:  Underway providing services to Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Forces.

25--27 Sep 68:  Inport Yokosuka

27 Sep 68:  Underway Yokosuka en-route Pearl Harbor, in company with USS Pomodon (SS-486).

27 Sep 68--Oct 68:  Encountered heavy weather immediately after leaving Yokosuka resulting in extensive rerouting and a two day increase in transit time. TIRU suffered minor but widespread damage to the superstructure which forced a reduction in speed.  The most significant item was a decking clam-shell which was carried away by sea action.

4 Oct 68:  Operational control returned to ComSubFlot FIVE.

10 Oct 68:  Arrived Pearl Harbor.

30 Oct 68:  Underwent a Nuclear Weapons Technical Standardization Inspection as a representative of her class.

4 Nov 68:  Underway for training and to participate in CONVEX 3-68.

7--8 Nov 68:  Participant in CONVEX 3-68.

9?Nov 68:  Returned to Pearl Harbor.

18--19 Nov 68:  Inspected by the Board of Inspection and Survey in preparations for the upcoming overhaul. Results: TIRU fit for further service and the the cost of repairs was commensurate with her value.

29 Nov 68TIRU departed Pearl Harbor (her home port for 20 years) for the west coast.  TIRU's homeport was changed to San Francisco, CA.

6 Dec 68:  Arrived San Francisco. Changed Operational Authority to COMSUBGRUSANFRAN.

7--8 Dec 68
: Underway  embarked  with the Submarine Reserve Division 12-31 for a training cruise.

9 Dec 68:  Arrived Hunter's Point site of the San Francisco Bay Naval Shipyard.

12 Dec 68:  Overhaul commenced. TIRU became a unit of SubDiv52, SubRon5, SubFlot1.

16 Dec 68:  Entered dry-dock.

31 Dec 68:  Status: undergoing overhaul, Hunter's Point in dry-dock.

(click here for dry-dock photos)

5 Feb 69:  Discovered lower crankshafts in Number 3 & 4 main engines to be cracked. Crankshafts replaced.

13 Mar 69: Visit and inspection by RADM Walter Small, Jr., COMSUBPAC.

28 Mar 69: Undocked.

26 May 69: Drydocked to renew eight silver braze joints with less than 40% bond in HP air system.

2 Jun 69: Undocked.

7-8 Jun 69: Conducted Fast Cruise (simulated normal at sea operations to prepare crew for underway routine).

9 Jun 69: Conducted Bay Trials (San Francisco, Bay).

10-11 Jun 69:  Conducted Sea Trials. First submerged operations in six months.

13-14 Jun 69: Conducted Electronic Radiation Tests (ERT) off Point Reyes, California.

17 Jun 69:  Official change of Home Port to San Diego, California.

(click here for Home Port assignment messages)

19 Jun 69:  Naval Security Group training visit.

20 Jun 69:  Completed shipyard overhaul. Overhaul accomplishments:
                    - installation of MK-48 Torpedo capability
                    - redesignation of the Fire Control System to MK106 Mod 20
                    - increase secure communications capability
                    - installation of Battery Electrolyte Agitation System
                    - installation of the WQC-2 Underwater Telephone System
                    - installation of molded fiberglass fairing for the ECM, retractable whip antenna, and EDO.

21-22 Jun 69:  Made preparation for sea (RFS).

23 Jun 69:  Inport Alameda, California. Initial weapon loading.

24-25 Jun 69:  Enroute San Diego, California.

26 Jun - 6 Jul 69: Inport San Diego.

7 Jul 69: Underway San Diego enroute Carr Inlet, Washington.

9 Jul 69: Casualty to Number 1 Engine. Blown piston.

10 Jul 69:  Number 1 Engine repaired and in commission.

11 Jul 69:  Sound Trials, Carr Inlet, Washington. Tiru was suspended between buoys for static measurements in prelude to underway measurements.

12-13 Jul 69:  Port visit Tacoma, Washington. Services to Reserve Training Command and SubResDiv 13-6, in Puget Sound.  Reserve submariners were taken aboard to conduct ship handling, rig for dive, dive & surface, and to operate against a reserve destroyer.

14-15 Jul 69:  Sound Trials, Carr Inlet, Washington.

16 Jul 69:  Port Visit, Seattle, Washington.

17-25 Jul 69:  Weapons System Acceptance Trials (WSAT), inport fire control checks and actual firings on a 3-D range in Dabob Bay, Washington. These trials also include gyro-compass and underwater log calibrations.

19 Jul 69:  Casualty to Number 3 Engine. Broken Crankshaft. (Due to repair cost considerations, the engine was not repaired until Tiru returned to San Diego where the USS Nereus (AS17) could accomplish the task.

26-28 Jul 69:  Port Visit, Seattle Washington.

29-30 Jul 69:  Continued WSAT, Dabob Bay.

30 Jul 69:  Casualty to Number 1 Engine, slipped timing. Repaired. Casualty to Number 4 Engine, vertical drive.

31 Jul - 7 Aug 69:  Restricted Availability (RAV), Bremerton Naval Shipyard, to overhaul Number 4 Engine vertical drive.

8-12(11?) Aug 69:  Underway Bremerton, enroute San Diego, California.

12 Aug - 29 Sep 69:  Inport San Diego, California. Upkeep, replaced crankshaft and overhaul of Number 3 Engine utilizing ship's force and tender personnel.

29 Sep - 2 Oct 69:  Underway for Type Training and Refresher Training.

3 Oct 69:  Inport San Diego, California. Personnel Inspection & Command Inspection. Grade: good.

9-10 Oct 69:  Conducted Nuclear Weapons Acceptance Inspection (NWAI). Grade: satisfactory, certified for nuclear weapons capability.

12 Oct 69:  Discovered damage to starboard screw. Replaced screw.

13-15 Oct 69:  Underway San Diego. Conducted Type Training.

15 Oct 69:  Enroute to San Diego to change starboard screw.

16 Oct 69:  Conducted test discharge of battery. Capacity 105%.

17 Oct 69:  Inport San Diego. Changed starboard screw.

17 Oct 69:  Underway to test screw and plot cavitation curve.

20-21 Oct 69:  Conducted ACURAD to calibrate PUFFS (BQG-4).

22-23 Oct 69:  Independent ship exercises (ISE). Coastal reconnaissance photography operations were conducted off San Diego and Santa Catalina Island.

23-24 Oct 69:  Inport Long Beach, California. Loaded practice mines.

24 Oct 69:  Conducted S-1-M Mine Plant. Exercise grade: good.

24-27 Oct 69:  Conducted S-2-L. Exercise grade: outstanding. [Reconnaissance Mission ??]

27 Oct 69:  Conducted opposed sortie, San Diego.

27-28 Oct 69:  Completed Operational Readiness Inspection (ORI). Grade: good, certified ready for deployment.

28 Oct 69:  Inport San Diego, California. Discovered exercise mine in torpedo tube aft room.

29 Oct 69:  Moored Degaussing Pier and depermed the ship.

29 -31 Oct 69:  Inport San Diego.

31 Oct 69:  Dependents Cruise; included submerged operations.

31 Oct - 12 Nov 69:  Pre-deployment upkeep.

12 Nov 69:  Underway San Diego for WestPac deployment, enroute Pearl Harbor.

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17 Nov 69:  Changed operational commander to ComSubFlot Five.

20 Nov 69:  Inport Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.

21-25 Nov 69:  Reinstalled Radio Direction Finder and Antenna System (BRD-6A). Completed final training for deployment; including escape tank training.

26 Nov 69:  Underway Pearl Harbor and after calibrating the RDF system on the Diamond Head Range, set course for Yokosuka, Japan.

6 Dec 69:  Change of Operational Authority to ComSubFlot Seven / Commander Seventh Fleet.

10 Dec 69:  Arrived Yokosuka, Japan.

11 - 14 Dec 69:  Voyage repairs, Yokosuka, Japan. Major items: re-brushing of Number 1 & 3 Main Motor and installation of electronic equipment for upcoming special operations.

12 Dec 69:  Visit by Mr. Frank Curran, Mayor of San Diego (sister city  to Yokosuka).

15 Dec 69 - 31 Dec 69:  Underway for special operations which took her into 1970.  TIRU was awarded the Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal for the period 19 December 1969 to 17 January 1970.

1970 - 1979

1-17 Jan 70:  Continued special operations.

24 Jan - 1 Feb 70:  Upkeep Yokosuka (after 40 days continuous sea time). Major items accomplished:

                        - extensive work on the Masker-Prairie compressor
                        - replacement of Number 1 Engine upper lube oil cooler
                        - replacement and realignment of forward torpedo skid

1-4 Feb 70:  Underway from Yokosuka. Services to Japanese Maritime Self-Defence Force.

5-8 Feb 70:  In transit.

8-10 Feb 70:  Services to US VP Aircraft (Okinawa) and USS G.K. McKenzie (DD 836).

11-13 Feb 70: In transit.

13-14 Feb 70:  Inport Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

14-16 Feb 70: Underway Kaohsiung. Services to Republic of China VS & DDs.

16 Feb 70:  Inport Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

17-18 Feb 70:  Underway Kaohsiung. Services to Republic of China VS & DDs.

19-20 Feb 70:  In transit.

20-26 Feb 70:  Inport Hong Kong.

26-28 Feb 70:  In transit.

28 Feb - 2 Mar 70:  Services to Sangley Point VP aircraft and USS Blue (DD 744).

2 Mar 70:  In transit.

3-5 Mar 70:  Inport Subic Bay, Philippines. Voyage repairs; again replaced Number 1 Engine upper lube oil cooler.

5-7 Mar 70:  Underway Subic Bay. Services to Sangley Point VP aircraft.

7-22 Mar 70:  Inport Subic Bay. Upkeep and Drydock.

10 Mar 70:  Informal visit by Commodore Kamyabipour, Commander Imperial Iranian Navy Frigate Division Twenty.

13 Mar 70:  Entered drydock in company with USS Salmon (SS 573)

22-23 Mar 70: Underway Subic Bay. Services to USS Belknap (DLG 26).

23-25 Mar 70:  Inport Manila, Philippines. Planning for Exercise "Sea Rover".

25-31 Mar 70: Underway Manila, workup for "Sea Rover".

1-8 Apr 70:  Exercise " Sea Rover".

4-6 Apr 70:  Operated in support of the Vietnam conflict, Vietnam Service Medal for the period 4 to 6 April 1970.

8-14 Apr 70:  In transit

14 Apr 70:   While approaching Guam for voyage repairs, near the conclusion of her WestPac deployment, TIRU routinely copied the evening weather broadcast which was accompanied by an urgent alert notifying the ship of a search and rescue (SAR) operation underway to look for and rescue survivors of a small craft which had been adrift for two day in a heavy sea. An extensive search by Guam-based SAR forces had thus far turned up nothing, but TIRU located the five people and rescued them, despite darkness and high seas.

14 Apr 70:  Arrived Guam. The Japanese Consul visited the submarine to express his government's appreciation for the ship's rescue mission.

(click here for newspaper article & photo)

14-18 Apr 70:1 Inport Guam. Voyage Repairs.

18-20 Apr 70: In transit.

21 Apr 70: Change of Operational Command to ComSubPac.

26 Apr 70:
Crossed International Date Line, East Bound.

28 Apr 70:  Provided Services to VP Aircraft.

29-30 Apr 70:  Inport Pearl Harbor. Briefed ComSubPac on WestPac deployment.

30 Apr 70: Underway Pearl Harbor, enroute San Diego.

8 May 70:  Arrived at San Diego in company with the USS Pomodon (SS-486).

(click here for arrival photo) 

8 May - 7 Jun 70:  Inport San Diego. Leave and Upkeep.

8-11 Jun 70:  Underway San Diego, conducted Exercise MinePlant. (port call Long Beach??)

12-14 Jun 70:  Inport San Diego.

15-19 Jun 70:  Local operations providing services.

20-22 Jun 70:  Inport San Diego.

23-26 Jun 70:  Local operations providing services.

27-28 Jun 70:  Inport San Diego.

29-30 Jun 70:  Local operations providing services.

1-3 Jul 70:  Inport San Diego.

4-6 Jul 70:  Enroute San Francisco.

 7Jul -2 Aug 70:  Interim Docking, Hunter's Point Naval Shipyard, San Francisco.

1 Aug 70:  Homeport officially changed to Charleston, South Carolina. Assigned to SubDiv 41.

3 Aug 70:  Conducted trials in San Francisco Bay.

4-6 Aug 70:  Enroute San Diego.

6-7 Aug 70:  Inport San Diego.

7 Aug 70:  Underway for Charleston, SC, Tiru's new home port, in company with USS Volador (SS 490).

12-16 Aug 70:  TIRU called at Acapulco, Mexico.

17-20 Aug 70:  Enroute Rodman, Canal Zone.

21-22 Aug 70:  Visited Rodman.

21 Aug 70:  Change of Operational Command to CincLantFlt/ComSubLant.

23 Aug 70:  Transited Panama Canal.

24-25 Aug 70:  Enroute Kingston, Jamacia

26-29 Aug 70:  Visited Kingston. US Ambassador Vincent De Roulet toured the boat.

30 Aug - 1 Sep 70:  Enroute Charleston, South Carolina.

2 Sep 70:  Arrived Charleston, South Carolina.

4 Sep 70:   LCDR Mickle relieved CDR Warburton as Commanding Officer.

2 Sep - 4 Oct 70:  Inport Charleston for upkeep and restricted availability (drydocking) for repairs to After Trim Tank (stern planes tube?). Received Annual Administrative and Material Inspection.

5-10 Oct 70:  Underway providing services to USS George Bancroft (SSBN-643).

10-20 Oct 70: Inport Charleston. Received Navy Technical Proficiency Examination.

21-23 Oct 70:  Underway providing services to USS Seahorse (SSN-669).

24-25 Oct 70:  Inport Charleston.

26-30 Oct 70:  Underway providing services to Commander Operational Test and Evaluation Force (ComOptevFor) aircraft.

31 Oct - 4 Nov 70:  Inport Port Everglades, Florida. Conducted daily operations providing services to ComOptevFor Captor Mine project.

5-6 Nov 70:  Enroute Charleston.

7-8 Nov 70:  Inport Charleston.

9-13 Nov 70:  Local operations, providing mutual services to USS Seahorse (SSN-669).

14-15 Nov 70:  Inport Charleston.

16-20 Nov 70: Underway conducting Type Training.

20 Nov -31 Dec 70:  Inport Charleston. Holiday, Leave, & Upkeep.


1-17 Jan 71:  Inport Charleston, South Carolina. Pre-deployment upkeep.

18-21 Jan 71:  Underway for local operations conducting independent ship exercises.

22-24 Jan 71:  Inport Charleston.

25-28 Jan 71:  Underway for local operations. Operational Readiness Inspection, preparing for overseas deployment.

29 Jan - 2 Feb 71:  Inport Charleston.

3-14 Feb 71:  Underway enroute Lisbon, Portugal.

14 Feb - 2 Jun 71:  Nato Exercise Sunny Seas (Standing Forces Atlantic) and Mediterranean Deployment.

14-28 Feb 71?:  Port calls Rota Spain, Lisbon, Portugal.

21 Feb 71:  Inport Lisbon. ComIberLant, RADM Fluckey, USN, conducted informal call toTiru. ComStanNavForLant, Captain Allen, USN, returned official call on the CO Tiru.

1 Mar 71: Entered Mediterranean. Changed Operational Command to CincUSNavEur/ComSixthFlt.

9 Mar 71?:  Conducted ASW operations with Carrier Task Group, CTG 60.2.

Mar 71?:  Port call at Palma de Mallorca,

Apr 71:   Port calls Naples Italy (Easter).

11 Apr 71:  Inport Naples, Italy. Informal dinner aboard Tiru for the Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Affairs, Mr. Armistead Selden, Col. Harrington, USA, Military Assistant, Capt. C.D. Grojean, USN, Staff ComSubFlotEight and wives. Joint Host: USS Quillback (SS-424)

12 Apr 71:  Submarine Birthday Ball, Naples.

18 Apr 71?:  Participated in MedASWEx 1-71 conducted by CoMedCent (Nato).

20 Apr?-2 May?: Conducted special operations.

May 71?:  Port call Piraeus, Greece.

May 71?:  Port call Malta.

2 Jun 71:  Departed Mediterranean. Changed Operational Command to CincLantFlt/ComSubLant

Jun 71?:  Port call at Rota Spain.

2-14 Jun 71: Enroute Charleston.  

14 Jun 71: Inport Charleston.

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(click here for Welcome Aboard Pamphlet)

14 Jun -25 Jul 71:  Post deployment leave and upkeep. Restricted Availability to conduct voyage repairs to sail.

26-29 Jul 71:  Underway for local operations. Type Training with USS Pickerel (SS-524). Services for USS W.S. Sims (DE-1059)

29 Jul - 1 Aug 71:  Inport Charleston.

2-4 Aug 71: Underway enroute Annapolis, Maryland.

4-10 Aug 71:  Daily operations from Navy Academy in Chesapeake Bay for Midshipmen Familiarization. Conducted 19 dives.

10-12 Aug 71:  Enroute Charleston.

12-16 Aug 71:  Inport Charleston. Upkeep.

17-26 Aug 71:  Underway, providing services to COMASWGRU Two, including USS Wasp (CVS-18).

27 Aug - 8 Sep 71:  Inport Charleston. Upkeep.

9-10 Sep 71:  Underway. Local operations, providing mutual services to USS Andrew Jackson (SSBN-619).

11 Sep - 12 Oct 71:  Inport Charleston at Naval Weapons Station. Upkeep alongside USS Simon Lake (AS-33)

     15-16 Sep 71:  Received Navy Technical Proficiency Inspection.

     4-6 Oct 71:  Docked in USS Alamogordo (ARDM-2)

13-15 Sep 71: Underway enroute Port Everglades, Florida.

16-24 Oct 71:  Local Operations, providing services to COMOPTEVFOR (Captor Mine?)

25-26 Oct 71:  Enroute Operating Area for FIXWEX ALFA-72.

27-28 Oct 71:  Participated in FIXWEX ALFA-72, an ASW exercise.

29 Oct 71:  Enroute Charleston.

30 Oct 71:  Inport Charleston.

31 Oct - 2 Nov 71:  Enroute Exuma Sound, Bahamas.

2-4 Nov 71:  Local operations Exuma Sound, participating in SHAREM VIII (Ship Anti-submarine Warfare Readiness and Evaluation Measurement). Objective is to measure how well surface ships and aircraft can detect and track submarines.

5-7 Nov 71:  Inport Nassau, Bahamas.

        5 Nov 71:  Consul General Bahamas Moncrief J. Spear returned an offical call on CO.

8-12 Nov 71: Underway, enroute Charleston in company with COMSUBDIV 41 and USS Remora (SS487), conducting type training in transit.

13-Nov - 8 Dec 71:  Inport Charleston, upkeep.

9-10 Dec 71:  Underway for local operations, providing post-overhaul escort services for USS Picuda (SS-382).

11-31 Dec 71:  Inport Charleston; holiday, leave, and upkeep.

1 -18 Jan 72:  Inport Charleston, moored alongside Pier November.

19-28 Jan 72:  Underway for SUBASWEX 2-72

29 Jan - 2 Mar 72:  Inport Charleston, moored alongside Pier November.

2 Mar 72:  Inport Charleston Naval Shipyard, moored alongside Pier Charlie, commenced major overhaul.

14-16 Sep 72:  Underway for shipyard Sea Trials.

17 - 28 Sep 72:  Inport Charleston Naval Shipyard, moored alongside Pier Charlie.

29 Sep 72:  Completed overhaul, left shipyard for Charleston Naval Station, moored Pier November.

30 Sep -1 Oct 72:  Moored Pier November.

2 -4 Oct 72:  Underway for Independent Ship Exercises Charleston OpAreas 6A,B,C.

4 Oct 72:  Inport at Deperming station, Norfolk, Virginia.

4-8 Oct 72:  Depermed. Underway for New London, Connecticut.

9-13 Oct 72:  Refresher Training, New London, Connecticut.

14-20 Oct 72:  Underway for Roosevelt Roads, Puerto Rico.

21-24 Oct 72:  Moored Roosevelt Roads, conducting daily ops testing torpedo tubes.

25 Oct 72:  Underway, arrived Fredericksted, St. Croix, US Virgin Islands.

26-1 Nov 72:  Conducted WSAT daily operations.

2 Nov 72:  Underway for San Juan, Puerto Rico.

3 Nov - 5 Nov 72:  Moored alongside San Juan, Puerto Rico.

5-9 Nov 72:  Underway enroute Charleston, South Carolina.

9-26 Nov 72:  Moored alongside Pier November, Charleston.

27-30 Nov 72:  Underway Type Training, Charleston OpAreas.

1-4 Dec 72:  Moored alongside, Charleston.

4-12 Dec 72:  Underway Type Training, Charleston OpAreas.

13-31 Dec 72:  Moored alongside, Charleston.


1 - 10 Jan 73:  Upkeep Charleston.

11-18 Jan 73:  Local Operations.

19-22 Jan 73:  Moored alongside, Charleston, S.C.

23 -25 Jan 73:  Local Operations.

26 - 28 Jan 73:  Moored alongside, Charleston.

29 Jan - 1 Feb 73:  Local Operations.

2 -25 Feb 73:  Upkeep Charleston.

26 Feb - 6 Mar 73:  Local Operations.

7 - 25 Mar 73:  Upkeep Charleston.

26 Mar - 6 Apr 73:  Conducted Operation EXOTIC DANCER IV, a joint exercise with Amphibious Forces, designed to test multi-service operations under a unified command organization. With NEWPORT NEWS CA-148,as his flagship, COMSECONDFLT VADM Finneran assumed command of Joint Task Force 122 for initial invasion operations at Onslow Bay, N.C, by airborne and amphibious assault units.

7 Apr - 23 May 73:  Upkeep Charleston.

(click here for Article on Tiru in "The Fleet Today" May 1974)

24 - 31 May 73:  Underway for Independent Ship Exercises (ISE)

1 - 3 Jun 73:  Moored alongside, Charleston.

(click here for Wardroom Welcome Aboard - 1973?)

4-12 Jun 73:  Services to French Navy

13 - 18 Jun 73:  Moored alongside, Charleston.

19 - 22 Jun 73:  Fleet Mine Service Test.

23 Jun - 8 Jul 73:  Upkeep Charleston.

6 Jul 73:  Tiru visited by the Honorable L. Mendel Rivers, Jr., Vice-Chairman of the Charleston County delgation to the South Carolina General Assembly.

9 - 26 Jul 73:  LANTREDEX 1-74 (Atlantic Red Exercise) in the Caribbean. TIRU visited St Croix and Roosevelt Roads, Porto Rico.

27 Jul -21 Aug 73:  Upkeep Charleston.

22 Aug - 3 Sep 73:  Enroute Lisbon, Portugal.

3 Sep 73:  Tiru's Twenty-Fifth Birthday, highlighted by a special dive in which all members of the diving party were 25 years old. Tiru submerged to 25 fathoms.

4-8 Sep 73:  Inport Lisbon, Portugal.

9 - 19 Sep 73:  Participated in NATO Exercise QUICKSHAVE with other NATO naval ships.

20 - 27  Sep 73:  Inport Plymouth, England

28 Sep - 8 Oct 73:  Participated in NATO Exercise SWIFTMOVE with other NATO naval ships, including HMS Hermes, USS Newport News, CA148, and USS Kennedy, CVA67. SWIFT MOVE was headed by VADM Finneran embarked on NEWPORT NEWS as Commander Striking Fleet Atlantic. SWIFT MOVE comprised more than 31 ships, 19,000 men and 250 aircraft from NATO member nations. During the exercise a Soviet Kanin class guided missile destroyer (BOIKII) experienced a fire onboard and jettisoned a torpedo to prevent further explosions and damage. NEWPORT NEWS closed at 25 knots and signaled its availability for assistance and manpower, but the Soviet ship declined.

6 Oct 73:  TIRU entered the Realm of the Artic Circle.

9 - 14 Oct 73:  Inport Bergen, Norway.

15 - 17 Oct 73:  Enroute Holy Loch, Scotland.

18 - 21 Oct 73:  Inport Holy Lock, Scotland.

22 Oct - 4 Nov 73:  Enroute Charleston, S.C.

5 Nov -25 Nov 73:  Upkeep Charleston

26 Nov - 11 Dec 73:  LANTREDEX 2-74 (Atlantic Red Exercise) in the Caribbean.

12 -31 Dec 73:  Upkeep/Holiday Stand-down, Charleston, S.C.

1973:  Tiru was awarded the Torpedo Fire Control "E" and the Battle Efficiency "E" for fiscal year 1973.


1-20 Jan 74:  Inport Charleston, South Carolina.

21-27 Jan 74: Underway Exercise High Step and Operational Readiness Inspection (ORI).

28 Jan 74:  Inport San Juan, Puerto Rico.

29 Jan - 8 Feb 74:  Underway Exercise Springboard.

9-11 Feb 74:  Inport Roosevelt Roads, Puerto Rico.

12 Feb - 11 Mar 74:  Inport Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, local operations providing services. Enroute Charleston.

12 Mar - 28 Apr 74:  Inport Charleston.

26 Mar 74:  LCDR Cleveland relieved LCDR Meese as Commanding Officer.

(click here for Change of Command program)   (pdf document)

29 Apr - 3 May 74:  Services to USS Independence CV-62.

4-8 May 74:  Inport Charleston.

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        (click here for photo of Tiru passing Fort Sumpter)

9-10 May 74:  Technical Standards Inspection.

11-16 May 74:  Underway for TASS evaluation (Towed Array Sonar AN/SQR-15).

17-20 May 74:  Inport Charleston.

21 May - 03 Jun 74:  Underway, participating in Exercise Solid Shield.

4-9 Jun 74:  Inport Charleston.

10-15 Jun 74:  Underway for Tass Evaluation.

16-30 Jun 74:  Inport Charleston.

1-2 Jul 74:  Underway shakedown cruise.

3 Jul 74:  Underway Dependents Cruise.

4 Jul - 1 Aug 74:  Inport Charleston.

2 Aug - 23 Nov 74:  UNITAS XV Deplovment.

2-9 Aug 74:  Underway from Charleston enroute Columbia.

10-12 Aug 74:  Inport Cartagena, Columbia.

13-27 Aug 74:  Underway.

25 Aug 74:  TIRU visited the Domain of Neptunus Rex at Latitude 00-00 and Longitude 37-00W.

28-30 Aug 74:  Inport Salvador, Brazil.

1-4 Sep 74:  Underway.

5-9 Sep 74:  Inport Rio de Janero, Brazil.

10-16 Sep 74: Underway.

17-21 Sep 74:  Inport Montevideo, Uruguay.

22 Sep - 3 Oct 74:  Underway.

4-5 Oct 74:  Inport Puerto Belgrano, Argentina.

6-8 Oct 74:  Underway.

9-11 Oct 74:  Inport Montevideo, Uruguay.

11-20 Oct 74:  Underway.

21-22 Oct 74:  Inport Recife, Brazil.

23-29 Oct 74:  Underway.

30 Oct - 1 Nov 74:  Inport Fort de France, Martinique.

2-9 Nov 74:  Underway.

10-15 Nov 74:  Inport Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, services.

15-19 Nov 74:  Underway.

20 Nov 74:  Inport Port Everglades, Florida

21-22 Nov 74:  Underway.

23 Nov 74:  Arrival Charleston, completed UNITAS deployment.

(click here for The Fleet Today article)

23 Nov -31 Dec 74:  Inport Charleston, South Carolina.

5 Feb 75:  Commander Submarine Forces Atlantic  recommends moving up TIRU's planned retirement date of 30 Sep 75 to 1 Jul 75, due to deteriorated main batteries.

(click here for copy of ComSubLant message)

11 Jun 75:  Board of Inspections  and Survey found TIRU unfit for further Naval Service.

(click here for copy of  Endorsements to Survey by CNO & SecNav)

1 Jul 75
:  TIRU was decommissioned and struck from the Navy List to be sold to the Turkish government. LTjg Grimes was assigned as Officer-In-Charge. An American arms embargo imposed on Turkey as a result of the Cyprus tensions between Greece and Turkey delayed the sale, even through negotiations and arrangements had been well into the planning stages. The sale was never completed.

     (click here for Tiru's last message as commissioned ship)

        (click here for listing of Decommissioning Crew)

23 Apr 79:   TIRU was transfer from Inactive Ship Detachment to ComSubron Six for tow preparations.

(click here for Transfer Order)

19 Jul 79:  TIRU was sunk as a target.

(click here for CO USS Silversides commentary and pre-sinking photo)

(see photo section for additional pre-sinking photos)

(click here for MMMC Merrill eye-witness commentary on SinkEx)

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USS Tiru SS 416

Disposition: SUNK AS A TARGET
by USS Silversides SSN 679
Date: 07/19/1979
Location: 035° 50' 00.2" North, 073° 02' 00.0" West
Depth: 2024 fathoms
Tonnage: 2540

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