Comments from Kev Peacock, crewman on HMAS Vendetta:
 (16 Oct 09)
I thought you might like to add the names of the two seamen who manned the inflatable liferaft which which shuttled back and forth across the shallows and transferred the doctor to the Tiru.
There was Able Seaman "Jock" McKenna and Able Seaman Kev. Peacock from the HMAS Vendetta.
Stumbling across the Tiru website brought back a lot of memories.
We were so glad to see the boat safely refloated and able to proceed on her way with such thankfully minor problems.
73 de Kev. VK4KKD

Follow on Comments (24 Oct 09:

Nothing really exciting to add - I recall being detailed along with able seaman McKenna to man the inflatable life raft to shuttle back and forth between one of our ships motor cutters and the Tiru. Thank goodness weather conditions were calm and the sea not a problem to contend with.
I recall talking to some of the crew of Tiru as we came close enough to do so and some of them gave us packs of cigarettes. I do not recall if we exchanged names at the time.
I recall transferring some officers to and from Tiru but not specific details of them.
Strangely I have no memory of a sailor being washed overboard from Tiru as described on the webpage.
Both "Jock" McKenna and myself were crew members of the Royal Australian Navy destroyer HMAS Vendetta. I was 19 years of age (this happened a couple of weeks before my 20th.)
I do recall how elated we all were when Tiru was able to come off the reef and proceed to Brisbane. The cheers rolling across the water was a great part of being a seaman. There is no greater honor for a sailor than being able to help those in peril and I am proud to have been able to be a small part of that.
I never expected to be reading of the incident 43 years later. My best regards to any of the Tiru crew of the day who might remember us bobbing alongside in the liferaft.

Kev. Peacock. ex AB/UC and ex crew of HMAS Vendetta

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