San Diego Maritime Museum
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The Maritime Museum of San Diego hosts one of the world’s finest collections of historic ships, which represent a unique set of international, national and state narratives. Visitors are invited to step aboard each of the historic ships to explore and discover their rich, living history. 
  • Star of India (1863): This iron-hulled beauty is the oldest active ship in the world and a state and national historic landmark
  • Berkeley (1898): The first successful propeller driven steam ferry on the west coast and a state and national historic landmark 
  • Medea (1904): This steam yacht is from the age of conspicuous wealth
  • Pilot (1914): The oldest pilot boat still in service on the west coast
  • USS Dolphin (1968) US Navy submarine with the record for the deepest dive
  • H.M.S. Surprise (1970) replica of an 18th century Royal Navy frigate
  • B-39 (1967) Soviet attack submarine designed to track US and NATO warships during the Cold War
  • Californian (1984) replica of a mid 19th century revenue cutter




  San Diego Zoo
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The San Diego Zoo is more than a zoo: it is a sanctuary for thousands of animals, a landscape of rare plants from all climates and a living classroom that entertains as well as educates. Learn about animals that lived in Southern California 12,000 years ago and meet their living counterparts at The Harry and Grace Steele Elephant Odyssey. The new 7.5-acre multispecies habitat features elephants, California condors, jaguars and more and offers guests insight about the Zoo’s conservation efforts to protect wildlife from becoming extinct like the mammoth and saber-toothed cat.






  Midway Museum
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Imagine experiencing life at sea aboard one of America’s longest-serving aircraft carriers. Visitors to the USS Midway Museum enter a floating city at sea and walk in the footsteps of 225,000 Midway sailors who served our country and upheld


(the Tiru owes a lot to the Midway considering how much of Tiru's 68-9 overhaul was funded from Midway's overhaul fund)





  Seaport Village
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A 14 acre waterfront shopping, dining and entertainment complex recreating a harbor side setting of a century ago. Includes 54 one of a kind shops, 13 casual dining eateries, 4 fine dining waterfront restaurants. Opened in 1980.        






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From the charm of Main Street, U.S.A to the whimsy of Mickey's Toontown, explore eight fantastic "lands" of nostalgia, color and delight. Let your imagination run free in a magic kingdom where life is a fairy tale and dreams really do come true.






  GasLamp Quarter
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The Gaslamp Quarter has successfully transformed into a premier shopping, dining and entertainment district.  With over 100 restaurants, bars, nightclubs and lounges, and countless boutiques, art galleries and shops to peruse, the Gaslamp has established itself both as the playground of hip, eclectic San Diegans and as an elite urban destination.





  Sea World
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Where can you look a shark in the eye and live to tell the tale? Only at SeaWorld San Diego! One of California’s premier family vacation and travel destinations, SeaWorld features some fabulous aquatic shows, amusements, and other adventures.






  Old Town
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In 1968, the State of California Department of Parks and Recreation established Old Town State Historic Park to preserve the rich heritage that characterized San Diego during the 1821 to 1872 period. The park includes a main plaza, exhibits, museums and living history demonstrations. Come visit the original and reconstructed buildings and furnishings that illustrate the ambiance of 1800’s San Diego . . . where California Began!






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