Tiru Association Privacy Policy

Email Mailing List:

a. The Tiru Association assures shipmates when they register and give us their email address that we will make every effort that they will only receive Association related information and not receive spam. We do not send personal information without the persons/author's permission.
b. Real email addresses are not posted on the website in the password protected section; only a pseudo address which forwards the email to the webmaster who only forwards it on if another shipmate is trying to get in touch with them. This prevents someone breaking into the protected section and obtaining email addresses and also prevents other shipmates from getting the addresses directly.
d. The method we use to send the Tiru Newsletter differs from most mass mailings. We use a program that mails each Newsletter separately for each shipmate. This prevents other shipmates from getting the address of another shipmate from the header of the email.
f. An Email Mailing is only used to distribute Tiru Newsletters. Prior to sending an Email Mailing a draft is distributed to the Tiru Association officers for their review and proposed changes. This insures that the mailing has been checked for possible errors and controversial content and has the approval of the Association officers.
Tiru Website Postings:
a. The Website is tasked with posting Tiru related information on the website.
b. Posting on the website is open to more types of content and "Tiru related information" takes a broader view than Email Mailing. For example links to many other submarine websites and commercial sites are posted in various sections of the website. However the Home Page and News Section is much stricter about requiring the Tiru relation.
c. Personal and possibly copyrighted items are not posted without the owners permission. So if someone wants something to be considered for posting, it needs to come with permission of the author, if applicable.
d. Links to other sites can be added or deleted quickly and do not raise the copyright issue. However they have to meet the Tiru/Submarine Associated criteria.

e. A restriction section of the website, password protected, is used to post personal contact information (except real email addresses) and other content that due to its personal nature is not open to the public.


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