Monday, October 27th

1300-1800 Motel Check In and Hospitality Room
1800-2000  Cookout by Pool
2000-Whenever  MidRats Hospitality Room

Tuesday, October 28th

1130 Meet in Motel Lobby
1200-1300 Lunch at CPO Galley USS Yorktown
1300-1600 Tour USS Clamagore (SS 343)
1600-1800 Happy Hour (USS Yorktown)
1800-2000 Prime Rib Dinner / Memorial Service
(USS Yorktown Fantail)
2000- Whenever  Hospitality Room

Wednesday, October 29th

1700 Crew Meeting: 2004 Reunion Discussion
1800 Final Banquet (Holiday Inn Dining Room)

I Remember (Submarine Poem)
read & composed by Dick Murphy

CSS H. L. Hunley Presentation by
Senator Glen F. McConnell
Chairman of the S.C. Hunley Commission
2000- Whenever  Hospitality Room

Thursday, October 30th

Check Out and Head Home or Tour Charleston



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