Photos: 1955


April 9, 1955:  Pango Pango Harbor, Samoa, just leaving harbor

April 8, 1955, Pango Pango Harbor, Samoa
Left to Right: Fergurgur, Labrador, Plank, DiNola

August, 1955, Okinawa, Taken through #1 periscope @ high power

August, 1955, Okinawa, Taken through #1 periscope @ low power

September, 1955 Barbecue on deck while underway from Formosa to Hong Kong
Chief Cook Alderson with hand up to eyes on left

1955: Swim Call, Francis (on deck)

1955: Okinawa, Race

55: Underway

55: Underway (nested)

55: Smitter, Kamokura Budda

55: Kaupke and Lookout

55: Picnic, South China Sea
Fiore (shorts, no shirt), Scott (long pants, no shirt)

55: Fiore and Lookout

1955 Christmas Menu


Escape Tower Pearl Harbor 55

Santa Claus: Christmas 55
Top (L to R): unknown, John Francis, EB Johnson, Richard Plank (Santa)
Bottom (L to R): GJ Duff, BA Erickson, VC Tubbs, JC Castro, Myers

Drydock: ??


Tiru off Diamond Head

March, 1955, Pearl Harbor, Taken while on deck watch, Race?

1955 Ferguson

Tiru '55?: Pearl Harbor?

Christmas '55: Pearl Harbor

Christmas '55: Buckelew, Trujillo, Dickerson

Qualifying Swim '55?: Okinawa

Dickerson 55?

'55?: Dickerson, Buckelew

Sub Barracks 55?

'55?: Beeman Center

Beeman Center is the Enlisted Club and was named in memory of Chief Pharmacist's Mate Arthur C. Beeman who was awarded the Bronze Star Medal
posthumously. Beeman lost his life instantly when struck by machine gun fire on the bridge of AMBERJACK (SS-219) on her third war patrol in
the Southwest Pacific in February 1943. Beeman had gone topside to aid an officer injured earlier by the same gunfire. AMBERJACK was lost in the encounter.

Escape Tower 55?



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