Tiru Maru
May 2004


Latest News on Reunion Attendees: Thirty-five shipmates plus twenty-seven shipmate mates are currently registered; many more have indicated they will attend. If possible please register soon, so we will be able to ensure that the hotel and the Maritime Museum are able to accommodate all.

The Manitowoc Reunion Hotel, Inn on Maritime Bay, is continuing to experience problems with their on-line registration and email. If you encounter problems when registering please use their toll free number: 1-800-654-5353.

A contingent of former TIRU shipmates are attending the Lost Boat Ceremony on the USS Silversides SS236 in Muskegon, Michigan on the 30th of May.

Thanks to Bill Dexter for donating TIRU mugs and plates to be distributed at the 2004 Reunion. (Photo posted on website in Misc/Memorabilia section.)

Menu Selections: You may email or use the reunion information form on TIRU website (www.usstiru.com) to make your spouse (guest) and your choice for the Saturday banquet. If using email, please send meal selection to Dick Murphy at murphy(at)usstiru.com.

Please note: If you are having difficulties contacting Murph during the next few days, it is probably due to all the awards ceremonies he is attending. He was just selected as Mason of the Year for Michigan.

2004 Reunion Coordinators: Dick (Murph) Murphy and Frank Mennel,


TIRU's OFFICAL DINKs LIST (for all that have promised to register as a shipmate, register for reunion, or send items for the website, and have not done so):

Captain DeWispelaere - shipmate registration
Captain Shilling - reunion registration
Scott - reunion registration & photos
Bennett - photos
Aracic - photos
B.Murphy - photos
Page - photos
Peterson - shipmate registration
Toth - shipmate registration
Buckelew - photos
Heckenkamp - reunion registration

We have been sending newsletter mailing by post to Shipmates for which we do not have an email address. If you know of any additions for this list, please send addresses to news(at)usstiru.com.

The email version of the newsletter is purposely lacking graphics and links in hopes that it will not be considered emailspam by other mail programs.

Senior Editor: Joe Hedgepeth, news(at)usstiru.com

USS TIRU SS416 WEBSITE NEWS: www.usstiru.com

The website now has over 300 pages. Without your help, it is difficult to audit the site for bad links and errors. If any are noted please email to the webmaster. Thanks for those who have sent in suggestions and comments.

The following sections of TIRU's website have recently been updated:

2004 Reunion: Attendees List updated.

History: added commentary by former CO of USS Silversides (SSN679) on the sinking of the ex-USS Tiru in 1979.

Shipmates: 98 have registered as shipmates and over 700 total shipmates are listed in our database. We have finally obtained from the Navy Archives, Tiru personnel data on microfilm for the years 1948 to 1956. We are in the process of transferring the data

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