Tiru Maru
June 2008

Editor: USS Tiru (SS416) Association Secretary, Glenn Reed


On 1 June, the USS TIRU Reunion Association Advisory Board met via a telephone-conference to discuss several issues that have come up over the last few months.

First, was a proposed slate of officers from the nominating committee. As stated in our bylaws each officer is elected for a term of two years with the election to be conducted at the appropriate crew meeting. The nominating committee suggested that the current slate of officers remain in office for an additional term. Our bylaws permit additional nomination of officers from the membership. The rules are as follows:

“Candidates will be nominated from the floor, or by email and U.S. Postal Service. Association officers will be elected at the crew business meeting by a simple majority vote of members in good standing by all ballots received. Members not in attendance may be nominated and vote via email or U.S. Postal Service. Mail nominations must be received by the President two (2) months and votes two (2) weeks before the reunion business meeting. Two Association members in good standing appointed by the President and announced at the reunion business meeting will tabulate votes.”

So if there are any of you out there who would like to participate as an elected officer, please provide your name to me based on the above.

Second, was a discussion of shifting our reunions to every other year instead of yearly as we currently do. The idea here is that the expense of attending each year may be more than some can afford and by doing these every year we may start burning people out and lose the momentum that we have started. This is a topic that I would like to discus during the meeting at Niagara Falls in September. Again, if there are any of you that have strong feelings one way or the other and will not be in attendance in September, please let me know so that I can have your opinion shared at the meeting.

The last topic discussed was to start to solidify the methods that will be used to disband our organization and disburse the funds and “stuff” that have been collected over the years. Currently the bylaws read:

“If for some unforeseeable future event, there would ever arise the need to disband The ASSOCIATION, any monies left over after any and all debts have been paid, it is the unanimous decision of all The Association members, that the remaining funds be donated to the United States Submarine Veterans Inc. to help maintain the history and heritage of the United States Submarine Service in which we all so proudly served.”

What I am asking is, is this the way to go or might there be a better way? Again, if there are any of you that have strong feelings one way or the other and will not be in attendance in September, please let me know so that I can have your opinion shared at the meeting.

One other topic that I would like to bring up, is to develop a method that allows for us to promulgate discussion topics like these to the membership at some time prior to the meeting so that they can be acted on at the next reunion meeting. As it is now, we can discuss these changes in September but cannot vote on them until the following regular meeting. Maybe it is time to consider a special exception to the bylaws so that we can enable something to keep things moving.

And the last thing, is that we would like to add one additional requirement under the duties of the Reunion Coordinator. It would read as follows:

“The reunion coordinator shall submit a reunion expense report and turn over all leftover funds to the Treasurer for depositing into the Tiru main account by January 1st of the year following the reunion.”

Other than that, enjoy your summer and I will see you in Niagara Falls.

Bill Fatek

Association President: president(a)usstiru.org

Reunion 2008 Registration Deadline is 15 July 2008; if you wish to register after this date contact Glenn Reed to see if he can accommodate additional shipmates. Glenn's phone number: (315) 736-8444.

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