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December 2009

Editor: USS Tiru (SS416) Association Secretary, Glenn Reed


Now is the Time to Register for Tiru's Eighth Reunion

The 2010 TIRU Reunion will be held from the 12th to 15st of August 2010 in San Diego, California, at the Handlery Hotel & Resort. Details are posted on the TIRU website, usstiru.org, in the 2010 Reunion section. Reunion registration may be made on the website, by phone, fax, email, or by postal mail. If you do not have internet access please call and we will fax or mail you the registration form, schedule of events, and hotel information. The reunion memorial service will be held at the Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery followed by a Luncheon at the Submarine Base, Point Loma.

Occasionally the reunion committee experiences some email problems. If you have registered and are not listed on the website attendees list please notify the reunion committee (2010reunion(at)usstiru.org)

Louise & Mike Tricker, 2010 USS Tiru Reunion Coordinators
17761 Vineyard Lane, Poway, CA, 92064
(619) 977-2871, fax: (858) 486-6820


We have been sending newsletter mailing by postal service to Shipmates for which we do not have an email address. If you know of any additions for this list, please send addresses to webmaster(at)usstiru.org or mail to Booth, Box 40, Sorrento, BC, V0E2W0, Canada.

The email version of the newsletter is purposely lacking graphics and links in hopes that it will not be considered emailspam by other mail programs.

Please let us know if you change your email address. If you received this newsletter by postal mail it means that we do not have a good email address for you.

Senior Editor: Glenn Reed, secretary(at)usstiru.org

USS TIRU SS416 WEBSITE NEWS: usstiru.org

The website averaged 53 visits (1401 hits) per day for the month of November. Your help is needed in auditing the site for bad links and errors. If any problems are noted please email to the webmaster. Thanks for those who have sent in suggestions and comments.

If you have registered and have not received a reply please try again or send an email to the webmaster. You should get an acknowledgement within one to three days if everything is working correctly. We continue to have problems with email to AOL members due to its emailspam control.

Webmaster: Dave Booth, webmaster(at)usstiru.org


The 2009 reunion was held last August at Groton, Connecticut; over 55 shipmates and guests attended. A great time was had by all. The visit to the USS Texas SSN775 was the climax of the reunion. Many thanks to Ginny and Bill Fatek for all the effort they expended to continue our reunion success story and thanks to the officers and crew of the Texas for the great tour. Pictures are posted in the Photo 2009 Reunion section of the website.

The 2009 Crew Meeting minutes and the 2009 Financial Report are posted in the restricted section of TIRU's website. If you do not have Internet access and wish a mailed copy, contact the association president.

Shipmates known deceased during period 1 January 2009 to date:

Clayton Sherman Huddleston, 1949 (26 Jan 09)
EMC(SS) Mancel May, 1948-51 (31 Jan 09)
EMC(SS) Charles A. Foskett, Jr., 1957-60 (7 Feb 09)
TM1 Charles S. Martin, 1953-4 (10 Apr 09)
ENC(SS) John D. Horan, 1950-4 (29 Apr 09)
Chuck Coker, 1972-5 (7 May 09)
CAPT Bradford S. Granum, 1960-1 (20 Jun 09)
CAPT H. Reid Hunter, 1958-60 (21 Sep 09)
Mike Stuffle, 1973-5 (21 Dec 09)

(see Memorial section of website for obituaries)


Shortly we will open a section of the website for small stores (those items that were left over from previous reunions, TIRU challenge coins, lanyards etc. As the intent is to make this stuff available to our shipmates the small stores section will be placed in the members only section. Should be open soon as soon as I get off my butt and get some photos taken - Bill

Association President: Bill Fatek, president(at)usstiru.org.

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