Tiru Maru
April 2004


The Manitowoc Reunion Hotel, Inn on Maritime Bay, is currently experiencing problems with their on-line registration and email. If you encounter problems when registering please use their toll free number: 1-800-654-5353.

For all those who have signed up for the 2004 reunion, we have a three-option meal selection for our banquet. You may have your choice of:

#1 Chicken Princess
Sautéed Boneless Breast of Chicken
Topped with Asparagus and Blanketed
with a cap of Monterey Jack Cheese

#2 Baked Haddock
Tender, Flaky Fillets with Dilled

#3 Filet Mignon
Choice Cut 6oz tenderloin, broiled,
served with Béarnaise Sauce

You may email or use the reunion information form on TIRU website (www.usstiru.com) to make your spouse (guest) and your choice for the Saturday banquet. I know many of you had already registered before this option was offered, but it is our job to provide you the best reunion available and we are trying to make it as satisfying to as many as possible. If using email, please send meal selection to Dick Murphy at murphy(at)usstiru.com. On Friday Sept. 3, 2004 after the Memorial Service on the USS Cobia, upon returning to the Hospitality Room it will be Crazy Hat Night. Everyone is encouraged to bring and wear the craziest hat you can find. There will be a men's division and a women's division and the winners of each will be awarded prizes. Thanks and be THINKING REUNION. DBF

2004 Reunion Coordinators: Dick (Murph) Murphy and Frank Mennel,


For all that have promised to register as a shipmate, register for reunion, or send items for the website, and have not done so, be prepared to be placed on TIRU's OFFICAL DINKs LIST in next months newsletter (this includes former CO's who's names begins with a "D").

We have implemented a newsletter mailing by post to Shipmates for which we do not have an email address. If you know of any additions for this list, please send addresses to webmaster(at)usstiru.com.

Our Senior Newsletter Editor, Joe Hedgepeth, is recovering at home after surgery and resting (thirsting) up for the September reunion.

Senior Editor: Joe Hedgepeth, news(at)usstiru.com

USS TIRU SS416 WEBSITE NEWS: www.usstiru.com

The following sections of TIRU's website have recently been updated:

2004 Reunion: Attendees List, currently have over 40 attending (including wives); added Menu Section.

History: added Chief of the Boat Section and Awards Section; new items in Oral History section

Shipmates: over 80 registered shipmates and over 600 total shipmates listed in our database. Added sort by date section and last 24 registered box.

Memorial: New listings.

Photos: many photos added to 1968 era and to 1940's era.

Miscellaneous: added sub sounds.

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