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Charles Stienert: 
I have bought several items from them over the past several years. Thought the crew might be interested.


Ron Martini, (307) 674-9847 - rotini@gmail.com
Gil Raynor, (800) 424-8372 - g.raynor@raynorassoc.com

John Ulrich:
 Letter from John Ulrich

From John Ulrich - I learned our Westpac trip in 1966, that stopped in Guam on 11/24 for a few hours and because Guam has been added to contamination sites, we were presumptively contaminated by Agent Orange. Go to tiru news section for John's complete leter.

Additional Information from John on Agent Orange exposure: Note Tiru 1966 visit. Big deal for anyone with illnesses caused by Agent Orange on VA list. You will get benefits if you file clam with VA based on new PACT Act.

Agent Orange Link

John Ulrich:
 Letter from John Ulrich


I’m not on Facebook so I’m sending by e-mail.

I learned our Westpac trip in 1966, that stopped in Guam on 11/24 for a few hours and because Guam has been added to contamination sites, we were presumptively contaminated by Agent Orange.

I’ve been told that Tiru has been added to the Blue Water ship list so anyone can look it up and use it as attachment to a VA claim for benefits. Also, the illnesses attributed to Agent Orange has been increased by the VA, so look it up to see if you qualify.

I’ve been trying to convince the VA for over two years that Tiru, on our 1965 trip, was within the 12 nautical mile area to qualify for presumptive exposure and benefits. Nope.

Deck Logs are empty during our 78 days of “special operations”, and our Patrol Report remains classified. Has anyone been successful?

If anyone is interested in more details or has found a way to be successful with the VA, let me know. Email: Dieselboatvet@gmail.com.


John Ulrich
Old ETR (SS)(DV)
Tiru 1965-1966

Dick Murphy:
Looks like we have lost another Tiru Crew Submarine sailor. Sailor Rest Your Oar. I rermember Carl Bonnelycke at our 2006 Tiru Reunion in Silverdale, Washington.
Cold War Submarine Veteran, Carl
Christian Bonnelycke, Gig Harbor, WA . Born in 1935 and passed away on March 31, 2020.
Carl qualified in submarines on the USS Tiru (SS-416) in 1955 and was a EN1(SS) when he left the Navy.
Boats Served on: SS-416, SS-317, SSG-577, SS-392, SS-334, SSG-574.

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Dick Murphy: I received notification this last week that Tiru Shipmate Robert “Bob” Cushman has passed away. Bob served on Tiru as a ETR 3 Class from 1/57-9/58. Bob and his wife Rita attended our 2004 Manitowoc Tiru Reunion. Sailor Rest Your Oar.

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Neal Chaves: 17 Aug 2020 - Neal provided the following information concerning Agent Orange Exposure Bangkok '68 WESPAC:

While Tiru is not on the "Brown Water Navy Ships" list for presumptive exposure to Agent Orange in Vietnam, the new VA regulations do apply to our operations in the Gulf of Siam and six days in-port a short distance from Udorn Air Force Base.Details here:
Click the following:
Department of Veterans AffairsVeteran’s Health AdministrationOffice of Disability and Medical Assessment (DMA)Compensation and Pension Clinicians’ Guide

Or for latest:
Note: The above link provided a PDF down load.

"Vietnam-era Veterans whose service involved duty on or near the perimeters of military bases in Thailand anytime between February 28, 1961, and May 7, 1975, may have been exposed to herbicides and may qualify for VA benefits. "Those who were aboard Tiru at that time may remember that we made water in the Gulf of Siam during operations before we entered the river, and almost everyone became ill. We had to flush and refill the potable water tank in port (with Bangkok city water - Good luck!") That river was loaded with run-off from Udorn and probably other bases where AO was deployed.Hope this might help some shipmates facing medical expenses. I worked nuke weps in the 70s and learned about tissue mineral analysis. I have used Analytical Research Labs www.arltma.com since then and have enjoyed excellent health without any medications since 1982. My first analysis showed I had high levels of toxic elements.

Thanks Neal.

Ed Holmes: 23 Aug 2020 - Ed provided the following pictures 

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Tiru in Brisbane Dry Dock

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Me and Gerald Eklund with Brisbane melons

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Gerald Eklund, some MM3 nuke puke (Ed's words) and Ed Holmes following Fredericks Reef.

Frank Mennel: 11 Aug.2020
Shirley Temple visiting Tiru. Gonna have to add this to our pictures.

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Nelson Greer: 20 Aug.2020 - provided above names of officers in Shirlee Temple Picture.

Frank Mennel: 11 Aug. 2020
Although the 2020 Reunion Has Been canceled due to COVID19, we are not sitting still. Fred Flint has rescheduled the Sacramento reunion to September 6th - 9th 2021. Hopefully this will all be behind us. In the meantime, stay safe and watch for more info as the plans firm up.Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Maecenas et metus.

Fred Flint: 6 Aug  2020
The new dates for the reunion are Sept 6 -9 2021

Richard Murphy: 20 July 2020
Another Tiru sailor has crossed the bar. Sailor, rest your oar. Robert Manookin.
Robert Manookin Obit

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Bill Fatek: 15 July 2020
I am sad to announce that Donna Booth passed away on Saturday 11 July. Her obituary can be found at https://bowersfuneralservice.com/obituary/5f0c9f4bbe2e3d00349ae36e
I spoke with David on Sunday morning after he emailed me. He is having a pretty rough time with it and requests that he be left alone for a while, so please no phone calls or emails.
Condolences can be sent online at Bowers Funeral Service in Salmon Arm British Columbia

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Mark Grupe: 13 July 2020
Mark Grupe is at USS Silversides Submarine Museum. Muskegon Mi. 

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Joe Starnes: 6 July 2020
At 46:10 he states: There are submarines and targets! Facinating discussion about US vs Chinese.

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Larry Standlee: 1 July 2020
Man overboard (port - starboard side).....

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Frank Mennel: 30 June 2020
I received a note yesterday that we had lost another crew member. LT John William Diedenhofen Jr. LT Diedenhofen reported on Tiru Dec1, 1965 and departed I’m 1967. He passed away 11 June, 2020.
(Diedenhofen Obit)

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Richard Murphy: 31 May, 2020
Sadly, we have lost another Tiru sailor.

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For William Hayes Obituary click on picture above'

Richard Murphy: 23 May, 2020
A great poem for Memorial Day

In Oceans Deep by Eileen Mahoney

In ocean wastes no poppies blow,
No crosses stand in ordered row,
Their youth hearts sleep.... beneath the wave....
The spirited, the good, the brave,
But stars a constant vigil keep,
For them who lie beneath the deep.
‘Tis true you cannot kneel in prayer
On certain spot and think. “He’s there.”
But you can to the ocean go...
See whitecaps marching row on row;
Know one for him will always ride...
In and out... with every tide.
And when your span of life has past,
He’ll meet you at the “Captain’s Mast.”
And they who morn on distant shore
For sailors who’ll come home no more,
Can dry their tears and pray for these
Who rest beneath the heaving seas...
For stars that shine and winds that blow
And whitecaps marching row on row.
And they can never lonely be
For when they lived... they chose the sea.

Skip Moore and Charles Stienert: 16 May 2020

An interesting update on the latest and greatest fast attack USS Vermont
Has capabilites we never dreamed about.

Lieutenant James Sharon, USN: died 13 May 2020 in Hermitage, Tennessee. Lt Sharon served on the Tiru from 1May1970 until 1Jan1972. Jim was an active member of the Tiru Association. See the Memorial Section for additional information and the Partlow Funeral Chapel website for detailed obituary.

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Edna Montgomery: 7 May, 2020
Bob Montgomery. Active duty 1957-1961

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Mark Grupe: 6 May 2020
Found these while cleaning out some drawers

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Chief Doug Johnson: 2 Apr, 2020
 News article about USS Grayback. Lost in 1944.(click on Picture)

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Frank Mennel: 26 Mar, 2020 

Cancelling 2020 Tiru Reunion:

The COVID19 issue has become a health and financial concern across the US. All of us may have already been touched by this health issue. We're observing self quarantines, canceled vacations and dealing with other issues in it's wake. One fact is certain, having been Smoke Boat sailors we are all up in age. This puts us all in the higher risk categories. Some more then others as a result of health issues. In light of this, we are going to postpone our gathering to 2021. There is too much uncertainty at this point to continuewithy our plans. A special thanks goes out to Fred Flint for all his planning and hard work trying to pull this together. I will keep everyone up to date with future plans.

I apologize for any inconvenience this cancellation may have caused. I hope that everyone and their families stay safe during this health challenge. Have a good day.

Larry Standlee:2 Mar. 2020,
Not a photo of Tiru but rather Pickerel. 48 degree up angle ....good one! I remember operating off San Diego 69/70 or their about and surfacing with a slight down angle and a list to starboard that was estimated at about 70 degrees. I, my old shipmates, thought I was going to die.

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Frank Mennel: 28 Feb. 2020
Good morning,
The Tiru Web now includes the 2020 reunion information. There are still details that Fred is finalizing.
The Tiru news letter (The Scuttlebutt) is coming out in e-mail to everyone. Because of the limitations of my email service, I have to send it in 3 parts over 3 days. So by Monday I’ll have that out. If you do not receive it let me know.
If you go on the web page and you see any issues let me know. You can email or DM me in messenger. I know I have to go back and address button sizes. I’m open to suggestions on color, terminology or things you may want to see added. I’ll add it to my list. Keep in mind I’m only part way through the website. Right now it is a combination of new and old. So suggestions on any part is welcome.
Have a good day.

Frank Mennel: 24 Feb, 2020; For those interested, I'm in the process of finalizing the web support, snailmail and e-mail notes. If nothing falls apart I'll have it all posted by the end of the week. The dates are Sept. 7 thru 11. Fred Flint has done a great job pulling things together to this point. There are still a couple loose ends. It looks like a good time with plenty to do and see.

Larry Standlee: 12 Feb. 2020, Some Tommy Cox for your listening pleasure....
(Tommy Cox)

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Larry Standlee: 15 Jan. 2020, Passing of Carolyn Ann (Elliott) Draheim, (Obit)

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