Note from Admiral Kamensky to Mike Tricker (edited):

Just wanted to follow up with a short note to express my thanks to you (Mike) and
your shipmates for a wonderful evening last Saturday!  You have quite the
gathering and their enthusiasm for reconnecting via the TIRU experience is

I appreciated the very warm hospitality you and your lovely wife offered to
this outsider and hope that someday when I'm retired from this great Navy of
ours that I have the chance to enjoy the fellowship only crewmembers and
spouses can truly appreciate.

Warmest regards,


Note from Debbie and Pete Villalobos to Mike Tricker (edited):

What a wonderful time we had in San Diego. You thought of
everything and what a treat it was! You went way beyond what we
expected and from the depth of who we are, you blessed our
lives and many others because of your willingness and effort to
plan, prepare and execute such a fine affair. Gods blessings on
you my friend!!!


Note from Beverly Warburton (Captain Thom Warburton's widow) (edited):

I wouldn't have missed this past 24 hours for anything.  I
probably don't even need to tell you how welcome the crew made me
feel.  So many of them came up and expressed special sentiments about
Thom.  And I was so glad Wanda was able to be there to share it all.

Mike Tricker (and his wife, too) were so welcoming--from the first
email to the last farewell of the day as the buses pulled out to
return to the hotel.