Tiru Holland Club Members


The Holland Club is a group within the U.S. Submarine Veterans organization for those who have been qualified in submarines for a minimum of 50 years. It is named after John Holland, who is credited with being the father of the U.S. Submarine Force.


C G   Alexander
Dean L.  Axene
Greg W.  Batey
Marvin S.  Blair
Carl  Bonnelycke Jr
Raymond L  Burgoon
Robert  Conboy
Henry B.  Cranford
William L.  Dexter
Nicholas P.  Dirkx
Richard E.  Doro
Larry K.  Duncan
G. Charles  Evans
Samuel R  Gascon
Richard B.  Garland
Ronald W.  Hartwig
William G.  Hayes
Harold W  Haynes
Ken  Highfill
Dale A.  Hill
Frank R  Hood
William L.  House
Arthur L.  Jones
Tomme J  Lambertson
Mancel  May
J. Denver  McCune
Eugene A.  Merrill
John H.  Nicholson
Glen R.  Norris
James B  Palmer
Rufus G.  Reaves
John D.  Shilling
Donald E.  Shoemaker
Edward W  Simpson
John R  Stein
Douglas W.  Stutzman
Ralph  Tacey
Theodore C  Taylor
Henry J  Trujillo
Clarence  Wahlstrom
William R.  Walker
Lee A.  Ward
James A.  Way
Clyde  Webber
Albert E  Wilkerson

Wayne H

Kimball L  Young



                   (updated 7 Jun 09; list supplied by SubVets)


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