Allan Vance Miles, QMC(SS)

Chief Quartermaster Allan Vance Miles was born in 1928 in East Millinocket, Maine, and died  in Augusta, Maine on 12 April 2007.  Before entering the Navy in 1945, Chief Miles lived on Verona Island, Maine near Bucksport, and Long Island, Maine in Casco Bay. While in the Navy, he served as a Chief Quartermaster on USS Tiru (SS-416) from April 1963 through September 1964 and was on board for Tiru's eighth Westpac deployment. He also served on various other submarines; including the USS Seadragon (SSN-584), USS Bang (SS-385), USS Redfish (SS-395), and USS Greenfish (SS-351). Chief Miles began his military service at the end of WWII, served through the Korean War, and was honorable discharged during the Vietnam conflict in 1965. After his active service, he served in the reserves for another nine years, and was employed for various companies before retirement, including Honeywell Computers and Kirschner.


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