John Douglas Williams

Senior Chief Engineman John D. Williams, USN, 72, died on 25 June 2010 at Maui, Hawaii and will be buried at sea. Senior Chief Williams was born in Geary, Oklahoma, on 27 October 1937.

Senior Chief Williams served aboard the USS Tiru (SS416) as Chief Engineman from 31 March 1964 to 31 October 1968.

Other Naval Assignments:

Nov 1954            Jan 1955            U.S. NTC, San Diego, Ca.
Feb 1955            Nov 1958           USS Ranier (AE-5) FPO San Fran.
                   (Apprenticeship training, main engine maintenance.) 
Dec 1958            Aug 1960           USS Surfbird (ADG-383) FPO San Fran.
        (Supervisor in charge of after & forward engine room, main engine and
        auxiliary maintenance.) 
Aug 1960           Sept 1961            U.S. Fleet Activities, Sasebo, Japan 
        (First & Second Class Diving School)
Oct 1961            Jan 1963             U.S. Naval Torpedo Station Keyport, Wash.
        (Deep sea diving and training.)
Feb 1963            Dec 1964           USS Conserver (ARS-39) San Fran
       (Supervisor in charge of main engine room, Engineering Officer of watch.)
Jan 1964            Mar 1964             U.S. Subase New London Conn.
       (Naval Submarine School)
Mar 1964            Oct 1968              USS Tiru (SS-416) Pearl Harbor
       (Supervisor in charge of forward and after engine rooms. Chief of the
       watch.  Underway diving officer, underway officer of deck.
Oct 1968             July 1972             Submarine Fleet Training Center Pearl Harbor
        (Supervisor in charge of boat engine maintenance, air compressors.
          Senior instructor for diving school.)
July 1972            Sept 1974           ACU 1, YRST 1 (Harbor Clearance Unit One)
        (In charge of engineering division and salvage division.)
Retired Sept. 30, 1974 ( Trans to Fleet Reserve). 



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