James Arthur Way

RMC(SS) James A. Way, USN (ret), died on 29 December 2007 at the Lifespan/Good Samaritan Hospice Residence, Battle Creek, Michigan, at the age of 71. Burial was at the Fort Custer National Cemetery, Augusta, Michigan.  He was born on 28 June 1936 (in Michigan?).

Chief Way enlisted in the Navy in 1954 and served 20 years on submarines. His first boat was the USS Tiru SS416 (February 1955 to June 1959) where he served as an Engineman 2nd Class. He also served on the USS Pickerel SS524, USS Queenfish SS393, USS Rasher SS269, and on the USS Sabalo SS302.

After retiring from the Navy, Chief Way worked at Battle Creek Federal Center (2 years) and the Kellogg Company (21 years) as a computer operations manager.


EM3 Way, USS Tiru SS416, Japan 1957

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