Theodore Charles Taylor


Senior Chief Electronic Technician Theodore C. Taylor, USN (ret), died at his home in Renton, Washington on 4 September 2011 at the age of 82. He was born 25 March 1929 in Springfield, Ohio.

Chief Taylor joined the Navy in 1946 and became qualified in submarines aboard the USS Carbonero in 1948.  He also served aboard USS Cusk (1947), USS Tiru (1948-49), USS Cabezon (1950), USS Entemedor (1950-51), USS Flying Fish (1952-53), USS Sarda (1953-56), USS Amberjack (1956), USS Jack (1957-58), USS Compass Island (1958), USS Observation Island (1958) and USS Abraham Lincoln (1960-63).  Chief Taylor was a plank owner of Tiru and supportive of the Tiru Associatiion. He was a Electronics Technician Senior Chief (SS) when he retired from the Navy in 1966, having served in World War II, Korean War, and the Vietnam War.

A member of the Civil Air Patrol Cadets before joining the Navy and a Major with CAP for Eight Years after returning to civilian life. He was the Washington Wing Operations Officer and a Search Pilot on many Search and Rescue missions. He held a Commercial Pilots License with Instrument, multi-engine and float plane endorsement, and was a Certified Flight Instructor. He had over one thousand hours of flying time.

Chief Taylor was active in the American Legion, US Submarine Veterans of WWII, US Submarine Veterans, Veterans of Foreign Wars, and volunteer at the Seattle Veterans Hospital in Seattle.



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