John R. Peel

Chief Machinist Mate John R. Peel, USN (ret), of  Branford, Connecticut, died on 26 September 1988 (Age 67) in Branford, Connecticut. He was born on 19 November 1920 in Yale, Oklahoma. Believed to have retired from USN in 1963.

Chief Peel was in training aboard  the USS New Orleans on 7 December 1941 and was wounded during the Japanese attack. He received the Purple Heart. He served aboard the USS Tiru (SS416) from 1 September 1948 to 8 January 1951; he was selected as Chief of the Boat on 16 February 1950. Chief Peel also served on various other submarines including  the USS Cabezon (SS334) 1951-?, USS Cabrilla (SS288) 1943, USS Spadefish (SS411) 1944-46, USS Atule (SS403) 1954-57, USS Crevalle (SS291) 1957, and USS Diablo (SS479) 1958-60.


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