Clayton Sherman Huddleston

Clayton S. Huddleston, of Indus, Minnesota, died on 26 January 2009 at the age of 79 at Baudette, Minnesota.

Clayton served on USS Tiru (SS416) from 22 August 1949 through 13 October 1949 as an Electronic Technician Third Class. He quite high school in 1947 to join the Navy. He also served on the USS Astoria CL-90. He was recalled to duty for the Korean war. After leaving the navy he worked for General Dynamics, then started his own electronic company, Hudco. After trying farming, he began Indus Industries, a log home building company.

Clayton was born 22 August 1922 at Vining, Kansas; the son of Ernest and Louise Huddleston. He is survived by his wife Sandra, daughter Lana and sons Edward and Hays.


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