John C. Hinkle Jr.

ENC(SS) John C. Hinkle, Jr. USN (ret) died on 23 August 2009, age 84, at Vallejo, California. Chief Hinkle was born in Pennsylvania on 6 May 1924. He is survived by his wife Theresa.

Chief Hinkle served on USS Tiru (SS416) from 12 January 1957 through 29 March 1958 as a Chief Engineman. He also served on various other submarines including  USS S-30 (SS135) (qualifying-boat 1942), USS Entemedor (SS340), USS Guavina (AOSS362), and USS Barracuda (SSK1). After retiring from the Navy after 20 years service he worked for 19 years at the Mare Island Naval Shipyard as a pipefitter.



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