Henry J. Trujillo

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Hank Trujuillo
Cold War Submarine Veteran, Henry J. Trujillo passed away on May 14, 2022 surrounded by his family and friends.
He was born May 1935 in Fountain Colorado to Thomas and Cora Trujillo. Henry is preceded in death by his wife, Nancy V. Trujillo, his parents, and siblings Alice, Rose, Margaret, Thomas, and Sandra.
Henry was married to Nancy for 57 years where they had three sons and daughter in-laws and five grandchildren - Kevin and Camey Trujillo (Nate, Laurel, and Alexa), Eric and Lisa Trujillo, and Jeff and Mia Trujillo (Gabby and Sofia). He is survived by his sisters Marie and Francis.
Henry, better known as Hank, was the third Executive Chef of the Broadmoor Hotel. He retired in 1992 after thirty six years of serving thousands of hotel guests, U.S. Presidents, foreign dignitaries, and celebrities. Hank was hired by Louis Stratta, the first Broadmoor chef, who served as his mentor and friend. Before becoming the Hotel Executive Chef, Hank helped open the Charles Court Dining Room and then later served as the head chef of the Penrose Room. Hank was one of the charter members of the Chefs de Cuisine Association of the Pikes Peak Region. He also served as the chef for the Cooking Club, a social club started by Spencer Penrose. He said he never had a bad day during his career and felt fortunate to be a part of the Broadmoor's 5-star culinary tradition.
Prior to the Broadmoor, Hank served in the Navy from 1952-56. He attended the Navy's Cooks and Baker school and served as a commissaryman and torpedoman on the submarine USS Tiru. During his service, he was able to travel throughout the Pacific, experiencing a world he never imagined from his humble beginnings in the San Luis Valley. He credited the Navy for his achievements in life.
Hank was an avid outdoorsman. He started fishing and hunting at a young age, honing his outdoor skills in the San Luis Valley. He enjoyed the outdoors not only for the simple beauty and the challenge of catching a fish but also because he was able to spend quality time with good friends and family. Hank rarely returned home from a fishing or hunting trip empty handed and if he did he was grateful for the opportunity to enjoy nature.
Hank missed his wife Nancy dearly after she passed away in 2019. He always felt lucky that she picked him. They made the most out of their lives raising a family, visiting all the continents except Antarctica, entertaining friends, and embarking on many impromptu road trips.
Hank will be remembered as a caring person who was always ready to serve. He never lost sight of where he came from and was grateful for all that he had. Despite being an exceptional chef, Hank enjoyed a simple home cooked meal. Watching a good war or western movie in his favorite chair was also a perfect evening.
Sailor rest your oar.

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