Victor Thomas Dunn

Petty Officer First Class Torpedoman Victor T. Dunn was born on 4 August 1935 and enlisted in the Naval Reserve Submarine Division 1-34 at Portsmouth, New Hampshire on 20 July 1953. He reported aboard the USS Tiru SS416 in August 1967 as a First Class Torpedoman and was transferred to Submarine School New London in April 1968.

Petty Officer Dunn also served on the USS Cubera SS347 (June 1955 to March 1957), USS Seawolf SSN575 (November 1958 to April 1959), USS Skate SSN578 (April 1959 to May 1959), USS Darter SS576 (May 1959 to May 1961), USS Sam Houston (Blue) SSBN 609 (May 1961 to May 1964), USS Benjamin Franklin SSBN 640 (August 1964 to July 1967), USS Grampus SS523 (August 1971 to decommissioning in May 1972) and the USS Sunbird ASR15 (May 1972 until his retirement). He was also stationed at Submarine School Groton (December 1968 to June 1970) and Naval Station Roosevelt Roads (June1970 to August 1971). Petty Officer Dunn was qualified as a ship's diver.

Petty Officer Dunn retired from the US Navy in October 1975 and died on 4 October 1992 in Florida of a cerebral hemorrhage.


Victor Dunn & wife Peggy (2nd)


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