Russell H. Beier

Russell H. Beier died in May 1983 at the age of 46. After graduating from Parker (South Dakato) High School in 1954, he reported to the USS Tiru SS416, as a RMSA on 2 September 1955 and was transferred to shore duty for separation as a RM3(SS) on 30 September 1957. Beier was a veteran of the Korean War and conducted two Special Surveillance Patrols in the West Pacific Area while on Tiru. He was born on 22 November 1936 in Fargo, North Dakota. After serving in the U.S. Navy, Russell obtained a Bachelor of Science degree from Southern State Teachers College in Springfield, South Dakota, and a Master of Science degree from Stout State University, Menomonie, Wisconsin. He served as the Director of the Area Vocational Technical Institution in East Grand Forks, Minnesota. An annual scholarship, Russell H. Bier Honors, is given to graduates of Northland Community and Technical College, East Grand Forks, Minnesota. These scholarships were established by employees of the college, in his honor. 




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