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History of the US  diesel submarines. Detailed article on Guppies.

Extensive links to submarine sites and directory of over 175 pages of submariners names.

History of the USS Pampanito SS 383. Virtual tour and restoration information.


   Offers museum quality submarine models of United States Navy nuclear submarines and diesel submarines, including special operations ("DDS") submarines and framed pictures of  diesel or nuclear submarines, with personalized information such as your name, rank and rate on the boat, and years served.

Quality prints of naval ships including submarines (two of USS Tiru). The prints are photos which have been transferred to canvas.

Submarine hats and tee-shirts customized with sub's name.

Extensive site of information on.Naval Weapons including submarine torpedoes. Also has an comprehensive list of Naval Ship websites and reunions.

 Comprehensive submarine information site. Contains lost boats/crews, history, WWII sinkings.

Collection of current submarine articles from various news sources.

Home of the USS Cobia (SS245) and museum relating the WWII submarine constructions on the Great Lakes in Manitowoc, Wisconsin.

Photos of the interior of the Virginia class, USS North Carolina SSN 777.

History of Submarines from 1580 to Present. Photos & Drawings.



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