Chief Radioman (SS) Hoeniger

Chief Hoeniger enlisted in the Navy on 1 July 1937 and retired on 8 January 1960. He served on USS Tiru SS-416 from 3 October 1949 until 21 July 1952. He also served on USS Holland AS-3, USS Dolphin SS-168,  USS Cachalot SS-170, USS Lionfish SS-298, USS Bowfin SS-287, USS Proteus AS-19, USS Pickerel SS-524, and USS Rock SS-274. Chief Hoeniger's shore duty assignments included Submarine School New London and Naval Air Station Miramar. He was active in the SubVets association. After his naval career he worked for the US Postal Service from 1960 to 1989. Chief Hoeniger died on 24 September 2006