Captain Warren R. Cobean, Jr, US Navy  (ret)

Captain Warren R. Cobean, Jr. was born in Montevideo, Uruguay on 26 June 1923.

Naval Career Highlights:

1946: Graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy,  commissioned as an Ensign  U.S. Navy.

1946--1948: Boiler Division Officer on the USS New Jersey (BB62)

Jun 1948--Dec  1948: Navigator, Electronics officer on LST-611.

Jun 1949: Graduated from Submarine School.

1949--1950: Served on USS Besugo (SS321), qualified in submarines.

1951: Aide & Flag Lieutenant to Commander Submarine Force US Pacific Fleet.

1952: Attached to Pittsburgh office of the Atomic Energy Commission for instruction in operation of nuclear propulsion plants.

1953: Nuclear Propulsion Plant training, National Reactor Testing Station, Idaho, where he participated in the initial criticality of the first naval nuclear propulsion prototype and was the first member of the U.S. Navy to bring a power reactor critical.

Mar 1954--Jan 1958: Served on USS Nautilus (SSN571) as Reactor Control Officer, Machinery Division Officer, Navigator, Operations Officer, Engineering Officer, and Executive Officer. Participated in first Arctic explorations by a nuclear submarine and completed a "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea" cruise. Qualified for Command of Submarines.

1958: Attended Armed Forces Staff College, Norfolk, and Prospective Commanding Office School, Pearl Harbor.

Aug 1958--Sep 1959: Commanding Officer of USS Tiru (SS416). Tiru awarded the "E" as outstanding submarine in Submarine Squadron Seven. Tiru started conversion as the Navy's first Guppy III submarine.

Nov 1959--Mar 1961: Served on staff of Commander Submarine Squadron Fourteen, conducting training, testing, and preparing for the deployment of the first Fleet Ballistic Missile Submarines.

1962--1963: Commanding Officer of USS Halibut (SSGN587), nuclear powered guided missile submarine (5 Regulus I Missiles). Conducted five deterrent strike patrols in North Western Pacific. Fired five successful training missiles. Awarded "E" for weapons performance (torpedo & missile).

1963--1966: Commanding Officer of USS James Monroe (Gold) (SSBN622). Conducted two deterrent patrols from Rota, Spain to the Mediterranean Sea.

1966--1967: Commanding Officer of USS George C. Marshall (Blue) (SSBN654). Conducted two deterrent patrols from Holy Loch, Scotland to the Mediterranean Sea.

1968--1972: Deputy Director of the US Navy's Strategic Systems Project Office.

Post Naval Career Highlights:

Manager of Nuclear Power Electrical Generator for an East Coast Utility Company (including major overhaul of an operating nuclear power plant).

President of Burns & Roe, nuclear engineering services, provided engineering assistance in the Three Mile Island nuclear accident.

Education Highlights:

Graduate Studies in Nuclear Physics (University of Pittsburgh, Bettis Atomic Energy Laboratory).

Graduate Studies in  Business Administration (George Washington University).

Advanced Management Program (Harvard Graduate School of Business Administration).