Jack Stevens 23Aug19
My reason for writing; as I perused some of the "sea stories" from
those before and after myself, I came across the name of ENC David 
Yocom. It appears he left Tiru, possibly retired around 1967. My 
company commander in boot camp (San Diego) was named Yocom. He was
EN1 at the time, had several hash marks and was a submariner. I went
from boot camp to sonar school and never saw him again.

I'm wondering if any of you guys were on board with Chief Yocom and
would know if he did a tour of duty at NTC (1956 working with recruits).
I found something somewhere indicating he and his wife are both deceased. 
Wish I would have found this out years earlier.
Send responds to webmaster@usstiru.org and they will 
be forwarded.
PIA 7Aug19

My name is Pia from Thailand. I have found amazing picture of the 3 submarines and floting market in Thailand (See 68 westpac photos) I am wonder that Ö  this is a picture of USS Tiru visiting Bangkok Thailand during Westpac 1968 (August 1968) or not. If it is correct, what are the names of the other 2 submarines, the location and kind of operations during that time. Thank you very much for your attention. I am looking forward to hearing from you soon. Send responds to webmaster@usstiru.org and they will be forwarded.

John Ulrich ('65-'66) 2Aug19 UPDATE
Everyone that spent months snorkeling during our Westpac
trips along the coast of Vietnam and Cambodia should 
assume they have Agent Orange contamination. We probably
sucked in lots of this stuff over the numerous months 
snorkeling back and forth close to shore.  The Navy has
not put any submarine on the Blue Water ship list to 
acknowledge our contamination but itís only a matter of 
time. Our Captainís were specifically prevented from 
listing our location on the daily Deck Logs, during 
the period of times we spent on Special Operations.  
My FOIA request turned up Deck Logs for our 1965 trip, 
but they are empty. Tragically, our Captain Earl DeW 
has died and we only have his quotes from our History 
file. Any anecdotal recollections from our shipmates 
may be helpful to establish that we were within this 
12 nautical miles of the coast criteria. Can we ask 
everyone to send in their specifics, particularly QMís 
and Officers who have any inside knowledge? 
Everyone who did these snorkeling trips should look 
over the 14 connected illnesses associated with Agent 
Orange and have a discussion with your health care 
provider for testing recommendations. I had no idea or 
symptoms before I got results from last years annual 
physical blood tests. I have a rare Leukemia.... no way!
Iím sure everyone would want to receive bad news early 
before it moves into Stage 4.  Yikes.  Regardless of any
bad news, I recommend requesting an Agent Orange Registry
exam from the VA as itís free to every veteran regardless
of whether you have VA health coverage or not. If you 
have any questions, or claims to make, call your local 
VA coordinator representative, as they seem to be in 
every County and know how to move thru the system.  

John Ulrich ('65-'66) 24Apr19
I was recently diagnosed with Hairy Cell Leukemia (HCL),
one of the two chronic B-cell Leukemiaís linked by the VA
to Agent Orange (AO). How is it possible for a Tiru crew
member to have been in contact with AO spray or liquid? 
Any of us on Westpac trips snorkeled day after day in the
Gulf, sucking in air for the engines and our breathing. 
We drank water and coffee make from distilling sea water.
How much spraying on land blew over our snorkel and river
runoff polluted the sea water sucked into the boat? On 
our 65 trip, we stayed submerged about 90 days because
our relief boat didnít arrive.  Unfortunately, the Navy 
has not put any submarine on its ďblue waterĒ list of AO 
qualified ships/boats.  
Look up the illnesses attributed to AO and contact VA to
schedule an Agent Orange Registry Assessment. 
Every vet is entitled to this assessment, without cost. 
Has anyone dealt with this health issue, the VA or Navy?
Who do we contact to get results?
Send any email to webmaster(at)usstiru.org and it will be
forwarded to John.

Nelson Greer ('66-'70) 21Dec18
Deep Blue Christmas (A music video by crewmen on the USS John Warner 
submarine.) From Cmd Submarines Facebook
(to view: hold down control key and click above)
Emmett Hale ('60-'63) 22Nov18
Just wanted to say "HAPPY THANKSGIVING" to everyone. Hope you all have 
a great Day, Week, Month, Year, Decade, Century.
See how it goes next year, be great to see everyone in Geneva.
Adam F. 8Nov18 Naval History Student
Enjoyed the history section of the website. Interested in Naval History, 
particularly in the Pacific region. Recommends the 
www.hmy.com website in the "time line of ships, boats & yachts" section.
Send any email to webmaster(at)usstiru.org and it will be forwarded
to Adam. 

Neal Chaves ('67-'68) 28Sep18
One of the world's best naval strategists presents all the 
reasons for acquiring diesel submarines to augment the 
existing nuclear fleet. And the navy needs to listen. 
Mrs. Charlene Carpenter 6Aug17
Received your request. Have been unable to contact you as 
you did not leave any contact information. Please send either
your email address, mail address, or phone number in order
for us to responed. Send via Inquiry Form or email 
J. Rhyan Lloyd ('57-'61) 12May17:
Hello Ray Burgoon and Frank Hood, remember you both well,
and a Chief Engles (I served under a Chief Engles?? but his
dates show him leaving Tiru in 56).
John Gardner ('66-'68) 29Apr17:
Ahoy Oliver and Hoag and Holmes and Ecklund!
Just found this website. Hope you are all well and
thriving. Thank you for the memories and sharing
adventures ashore!  Rainbow Bar Gardner

James Rhyan Lloyd ('57-'61) 24Mar17:
Hello Buck and Burgoon, Jim Stallings, Chief Eckles,
Frank Hood, Bisconer, Doc Forbush, Bobo, Jim Way,
Caughtery, Cuddles, Dad Eley;
I'm still kicking in Oxford GA. 678 522 7111
Louis Young ('52-54) 26Feb17:
George: you remember me? I tackled you when you and I
were spiking the forward battery and you got acid in
your face. All I wanted was to spray your eyes with that
diluting stuff that was hanging in a bottle on the
bulk-head. You were in so much pain you threw me all 
around. How are your eyes? The Dr. said it would have 
been better if it had been just fresh water. He didn't 
like it that the "reaction" had taken place in your face
and eyes. But he said that it was better than nothing.
Daniel Seeman ('70-'71) 17Feb17:
Stumbled upon My Picture, in Your Photos Page.
After All these Years.
Not Good Memories, Newly Wed, Back to Back Cruises, But 
the Guys were Awesome. What a Party, Connie (Friend)
threw for Us at Hotel Hilton Acapulco, as We passed 
threw the Panama Canal.
Steve Brewster ('69-'72) 5Feb17:
Tom Tompkins, Ahoy. 
Missed you at the 2016 Pensacola reunion.
I was assigned to Tiru from '69 to '72 and was in the 
forward room for most of my time aboard.
Give me a shout out if you get this and we can catch up.
James Rhyan Lloyd ('57-'61) 23Feb16:
Hello all, yes I would like to attend a reunion,
I see posts from stallings, merrill, engles burgoon
and many others,would like to get together, I miss 
bisconer, montgomery, burgoon, chief stone, buckelew,
doc furbush, chief eckels, wilson, dad ely, chief hass, 
way, lt diesel, yeoman bolton, and all the others. 
Send email webmaster(at)usstiru.org and it will be forwarded
or check facebook.
Ronald Curtis Maxwell ('63-'64) Posted by Beverly Maxwell
I need fellow shipmates to contact me if they remember my husband Ronald 
Curtis Maxwell (on Tiru Jan63 to Jul64). I have an ongoing Veteran's claim
and Asbestos claim I need help with. Let other Veteran's know that Asbestos 
exposure Causes Squamous Cell Carcinoma and with Ronald winning this other 
Veteran's can use his information to help file claims with the V.A. EVEN IF 
THEY SMOKE AND DRINK, Asbestos is the Cause. Please let them know they can 
contact me anytime and I will Help with the claims they need to file.
(Please send replies to webmaster@usstiru.org and they will be forwarded)
Stephanie Holladay Johnson 27 May 15:
My father was John Holladay "Mack" I'm looking for any information 
about his time on the Tiru. I know that he was about mid 60s-75 
when he got out of the Navy.
(Please send replies to webmaster@usstiru.org and they will be forwarded)
Stanley (Stan) Kline ('69-'70) Mar 15:
Greetings Shipmate:  I am a former crew member of TIRU, serving
from early Oct 69 - Feb 70 as a YNSN(SU).  I worked for YN1 Oscar
Medina.  I reported just prior to TIRU heading to Washington for
it's sound trials, RAV and a heavy u/w readiness schedule before
heading to WESTPAC in November 69. I was
transferred to NAVHOSP Yokosuka for knee surgery just 3 days
before TIRU departed Japan and didn't make the return trip.  My
next set of orders started my career in a different direction,
and I subsequently retired in 1996 as a Command Master Chief,
NCCM(AW).  During my time on TIRU I hung out with ST3 Owens and
SN Kofranek mostly, and spent quality time cranking for Dirkx in
the mess decks.  I actually met him again in 1973 when he was an
instructor at Commissaryman School at NTC SDiego, and I was
working for the CO of RTC. Small world. 
Although I was never able to finish qualifying, I have had
several occasions to return to GUPPY Class subs - as senior NC on
the USS FORRESTAL while stationed in Philadelphia, we did over 35
reenlistment ceremonies on the BECUNA (SS-319)which was opened
for tours at Penns Landing, and I had the opportunity last summer
to visit USS CLAMAGORE (SS-343)in Charleston at Patriot's Point -
brought back some interesting memories. 
I have enjoyed finding the group page and seeing some of the
photos of guys I served with back in the early days of my career.
I'd love to be able to get deeper into the website pages if you can send me a link to sign in.  Thanks so much for keeping the
memory of TIRU and it's crew alive.  Fair Winds and Following
Seas...Stan Kline, CMDCM(AW), USN(Ret) 
Robert J. Brown ('63-'66)  27 Jan 15:
I grew up by joining the Navy and serving proudly. I am
particularly glad I became a Submariner.
James Rhyan Lloyd (EN3, 57-61) 25 Jan 15:
Like to talk with buckelew, r. burgoon, bisconer, doc forbush,
bobby montgomery bobo bonneleyke, dad ely, chief eckles,
quarter master stone,al lee, all the rest 57 thru 61....
Send emails to webmaster@usstiru.org.
Richard Murphy (1971) 29 Sep14:
Just got home from the 2014 Tiru Reunion held in 
Canandaigua, NY hosted by Don Mandrino. Our numbers 
were smaller this year but we had a great time and 
the weather couldn't have been better. A huge Bravo
Zulu to Don for all his planning and direction to
continue to give us a fabulous reunion. This is our 
12th reunion since we started back in Charleston, 
SC in 2003. Upstate New York Finger Lakes area is 
really beautiful this time of year and I heard 
Santa Claus made an early visit.
Ref: Tom Lee Inquiry: NO CONTACT INFO ENCLOSED: Send to 
Edward Galaviz (53-55, Queenfish, Blackfin)
I was the Yeoman on the Queenfish and Blackfin between May 53 
and July 55 operating out of Pearl.  I had come on board 
after assignment in the Administration Office.  There were 
two Yeoman from the Base; a second class from Comsubron7 and a 
first class from the Admin. Office who were out in WesPac on the 
Tiru at the time we were.
Do you have anyone coming to your reunion serving way back then.  
I came out after four, however, both of these men did their 20. 
They were great guys and sure would be fun to reconnect.  We knew 
each other very well. (Please send any email replies to
webmaster@usstiru.org and they will be forwarded.)
Rod Dunham (61-64) 1 Feb 2014:
Just found this site and it's great looking at old pictures and
crewmen. Reading inquiries from Jim Searcy about Don "Buck" Buchanan. 
I worked under "Buch" in the auxiliary gang and worked on a car with
K.C. Owens. Spent time surfing and on the beaches with Mike Hurst. 
I remember Denny Golliday from fwd eng rm and 'spooks" Merrill from 
tubes fwd. enjoying this site greatly.
Richard Murphy (71) 2 Jan 2014:
Here's wishing all you USS Tiru Bubbleheads a very Merry Christmas 
and a joyous New Year and if you are able am hoping to see you at 
our 2014 Tiru Reunion in September. Mele Kalikimaki. DBF

Tim Gessford 16 Dec 2013:
My name is tim Gessford and I am wanting to know more about my 
grandfather Thomas John Gessford I can't seem to get anything out
of anybody when I ask about him so please would someone tell me
or send me something on or about him my address is 161 Lake Road 
Hardford NC 27944 or call me (252) 305-2320. Thank you so much for
your time and reading this. (Please send any email replies to
webmaster@usstiru.org and they will be forwarded.)  
Richard Murphy (71) 10 Oct 2013
For all you that weren't able to attend the 2013 Tiru
Reunion in Charleston, SC., you missed another good one. 
Many thanks to Charles and Robyne Steinert for hosting
a great event and as usual the city of Charleston was 
at its charming best with glorious weather provided. 

Neal Chaves (67-68) 1 Oct 2013
2013 Reunion was another great success thanks to the 
efforts of Charles and Robyne Steinert and all who
helped and contributed. Have a great year everyone!
Dwight Dexter (70-74) 30 Sep 2013
Great time! See you next year. Remember to pick someone
one from the past and get them there next year. I am 
after Bill Oldman! 
James W. Searcy (61-62) 17 Jun 2013
I noted on the board that an inquiry was made as to the
where abouts of Don R Buchanan, EN1 59-62?  I would like
to know his where abouts and if he is still with us.
He was from Lafayette, La.  Spent many hours on watch,
me in the radioshack and him on the aux. panel. I would
also like to make contact with Soloman who was an RM1
during this time. (please send any responses to the
webmaster(at)usstiru.org and they will be forwarded)
Daniel Seeman (70-71) 14 Nov 2012
I was an Engineman Aboard the Tiru When She made the
Trip from West Coast to East Coast - I have a few Photos
of Her as She went through the Canal - When these are
Found. I will post on Facebook..Wasn't Acapulco a Blast??
- & Swim Call in the Panama Canal - May She Rest in Peace
as She served Her Country Well..
Rick Baker (Father - TM2(SS)Wally Baker 1947-9)
Aloha, My name is Rick Baker. My Dad Wally was one of
the original sailors on the Tiru, along with my 
"godfather", Bob "Lefty" Keehan. Last week we layed
"Lefty" to rest at Ft. Rosecrans, he has an amazing view
of the Sub base, North Island, downtown SD, and the
baseball and softball fields on the base. I talked with
Mike Tricker and he gave me your info. I'm hoping to
find out if any other original crewmembers are still
raisin' Hell and get in touch with them. I would also
like to get any info, photos, patches, anything about
the boat. I was born in Vallejo in '48 while the boat
was being readied for commissioning. I recently retired
as an airline pilot,Dad and Lefty always told me if you
join the military, go FLY! Hopin' you can help me,
 Mahalo, Rick Baker "ROCKET"
(please send any inquires to the webmaster(at)usstiru.org
and they will be forwarded)
Gary Matthews (1966)
Ahoy mates. I served on HMAS Vendetta when we went to give you a 
hand to get off the reef in 1966. Although we never met any of
you, I think about the Tiru from time to time. Hope your lives
are going well. Fair winds and smooth sailing brothers.
(from Tiru Association: Gary thanks for the contact)
Dick Murphy (1971) 31Aug12
I would like to extend my deepest thanks and appreciation for a
great reunion hosted by Joyce and Gary Grimes in our nation's
capital. The facilities and events were great and well thought. 
A huge Bravo Zulu to the Grimes for all their dedication and hard
work to deliver a great reunion to be remembered for years to
Joe Hedgepeth (71-74) 23Aug12
Would like to thank Gary and Joyce Grimes for the outstanding
reunion they recently hosted in Washington, D.C. Was great
seeing everyone again.  Hope to make it to the reunion next year.
John Cvetovac (71) 25Jun12
Received your registration form. It did not have any contact
information at to where to send your registration info. Please
Clive Hogben (HMS Artmis-1971)
Hi trying to see if anybody remembers being in Lisbon in 1971
when we were alongside and with the Dutch Submarine Delfin.
(send any replies to webmaster(at)usstiru.org and they will be
Richard Andis (son of Chief Andis (63-66):
My name is Richard Ira Andis, son of Richard Lee Andis who was
Tiru COB in 1969. I joined the Navy in 1974 and served onboard
the Francis Scott Key (SSBN 657) and USS Ohio (SSBN 726) Retired
after serving 20 years. 
My dad who is now 80 years old is living in El Paso, TX. 
I still remember living at Hunter's Point Shipyard during the
overhaul. Quonset huts for housing and fishing off the piers. We
rarely got off the base. 
I was attending Submarine School in Groton sometime in the Summer
of 1975. It was my turn at the helm in the diving trainer. I 
recall it was the brand new 688 class trainer. I was doing pretty
good staying on course and depth until I heard a voice in the
background saying "You don't remember me do you Andis?". 
I looked around to the trainer operator sitting behind me and
recognized him as an old shipmate of my Dad. I can't remember
his name (Hewas a Chief) but I remember hanging out with his 
family during the shipyard period in Hunter's Point. I lost
my focus for only a second and started to lose control. In
addition, the operator simulated a flooding in the engine
room. Needless to say, we were in the stops pretty quickly.
After things were reset and we were all back on a level 
surface, we caught up on old times.
K.C. Owens (ICCS) 1 Mar 12:
Lost track of ol' shipmate, Donald Buchanan EN1. Tiru 59-61.
Please send any contact info to webmaster(at)usstiru.org and
it will be forwarded to Senior Chief Owens.

Ron Nordberg (1966)  31 Dec 11:
Hi guys, I did join you back in 22005 when I found your site, I
am the Aussie Clearance Diver who was in HMAS Vendetta when we
came to your aid in the 1966 grounding.  Would like to regain
contact and am planning a trip through Az utah and Id sometime
next year (health permitting) and would like to contact anyone
who may be on my route. Regards again 

Michael Hurst (62-64) 31 Dec 11:
Would anyone know the decibel level @ all ahead std. while snorkeling in fwd eng. room. Any INFO would be appreciated

Larry Standlee (68-72) 21 Sep 11:
To Frank and Murph...Thanks to both of you for a most enjoyable
reunion. I had a wonderful time and look forward to 2012...Again

Ladies of Tiru 5 Sep 11:
Private message to LOU HOUSE: Click Here to See

Bob Tommy (62-63) 2 Sep 11:
Just found this site and am so happy that there so many of Tiru's crew still with us. At my age there is a lot of memory failing, but anyone in that time period Lets Talk. The FWD engine room was mine. And I loved it.

Hank Trujillo (54-55) 30 Aug 11:
Thanks so much for a wonderful reunion. Great planning all the way around.  We, Nancy and I, thoroughly enjoyed seeing everyone and Chicago!

Mike Heckenkamp (69-71) 23 Aug 11:
Just a note to thank Frank Mennel and Rick Murphy for a fantastic job of organizing the 2011 reunion in Chicago.  It was great. Thanks also to Bill and Jan Dexter's son John for the hospitality and arrangements he made for us at the Holiday Inn.  It was great to meet up with some of my shipmates, like Hudgen's, whom I haven't seen for 40 years.   Just a quick "HI" to all of you that couldn't make it and I hope to see you all next year.  I've posted pictures on my Facebook page if anyone wants to see them. 

Bill Mickle (CO 70-72) 21 Aug 11:
I just wanted to express my great appreciation to Richard and Frank for the great job you did in putting together a most enjoyable reunion. 
I regret I was unable to participate more fully in the reunion activities, but the buffet was definitely first-rate, topped only by the opportunity to reminisce with my shipmates and their ladies. I look forward to the reunion in 2012.

Ron Nordberg 25 Jun 11:
Hi guys, I did join you back in 22005 when I found your site, I am the Aussie Clearance Diver who was in HMAS Vendetta when we came to your aid in the 1966 grounding.  Would like to regain contact and am planning a trip through Az utah and Id sometime next year (health permitting) and would like to contact anyone who may be on my route.   Regards again,  Ron Nord Nordberg
 (send replies via webmaster(at)usstiru.org and they will be forwarded)


Steven Plather  30 Jun 11:
Looking for his Dad's friend George W. Martin, who served on Tiru 1948-52. Also served on SS344 & SS394. Lived in NY.(anyone that recalls George Martin please reply to webmaster (at) usstiru.org and the reply will be forwarded)

Tom Lee (64-68)  27 Jun 11:
Are any of the Tiru shipmates attending the National Convention in Springfield, MO, in Sep?  (send replies via webmaster(at)usstiru.org and they will be forwarded)

John Wolf (66-69) 19 May 11:
Hey Spooks- Do you fish Lake marion SC. Wife and I would like to
see you.(send replies via webmaster(at)usstiru.org and they will be forwarded)

Dena Olivett (ref: Edward L. Olivett, SOG3(SS) '56-'57)) 16 Jan 11:
Looking for any information, photos, etc. that may be
available. (Dena is the daughter of Edward)

Darrell Sullens (ET2SS) 9 Oct 10:
I am looking to find Manuel Parra. He qualified on the Tiru in either 1960 or 61. He was an ET. We attended ET school together and sub school. I qualified on the Pickerel in late 1960.
Note: Parra on Tiru Sep60-Sep62.(send replies via webmaster(at)usstiru.org and they will be forwarded)


Thomas Lee (64-68) 3 Oct 10:
Sorry I missed the reunion the dates always get in my way I hope to make the next one . I will definitely be at  the 2011 (subvets) as our local base (USS RUNNER BASE) will be hosting it in Springfield, MO. If I can help any one who is planning to attend feel free to contact through the USS Runner base or call me direct at 417-887-0313. (send replies via webmaster(at)usstiru.org and they will be forwarded)

Howard Cooper 27 Aug 10:
I am the son of Donald R. Cooper, YN1(SS), a member of the Tiru crew Dec 67 - Dec 68. I got this info from eVetRecs. I would like to contact anyone who served with my dad during this time in his career. He passed away May of 91.

 (send replies via webmaster(at)usstiru.org and they will be forwarded)

Glenn (aka Steamboat)
I am former Australian Navy Petty Officer Engineer,(1963-1975) I have on my wall at home in an honoured place amongst many valued ships crests, a solid cast bronze crest of your fine ship ,given to me by members of your crew (Snipes) "Stokers" as we call our engineers) when we shared a berth at the Royal Navy moorings in Hong Kong, at that time I was serving on the H.M.A.S Yarra, an anti Sub Frigate, teamed up your guy's ashore and after a good
night of celebration, had "Coffee" in the aft torpedo room the "coffee" was very strong as I recalled and as a fellow "Snipe" was given the plaque ,unfortunately "Tiru" had to leave the next, so did not meet with the guy's again.
I'm an old fart now but still remember your ship fondly (We wont mention the grounding) I also served on DDG's in Vietnam 1966-1969.
Memories from Oz
(send replies via webmaster(at)usstiru.org and they will be forwarded)


Michael Hurst (62-64) 7 May 10:
I am trying to determine what type of weather we ran into on west pac trips. Any help, I would be thankful.
(send replies via webmaster(at)usstiru.org and they will be forwarded)

Dick Murphy (71)  7 May 10:
With the 2010 Tiru reunion in San Diego this year, I'm wondering where all the Tiru west coast sailors are, seeing they haven't signed up for the reunion yet?

Skeeter Esquerra (72-74) 27 Apr 10: To Angel Escarcha
Anggeellll!!! Come to the reunion in Sand Dog. Punta ka, punta 'ko. 'utol (all the way from Korea!!!.
C u there, Angel.

(send replies via webmaster(at)usstiru.org and they will be forwarded)

John D Williams (Greasy Willie) (64-68) 15 Apr 10:
Fredrick Reef was an era, that I want to say a Special Thank You, to Doc Ralph Mummy for keeping me alive. I was 1 of 2 ships Divers, as well as an EN1. That went over the side to inspect the damage. I was taken to Greenslope Hospital Brisbane, where I stayed for 6 weeks and 2 operations. Then came home to Hawaii, to the Island of Maui to recuperate. Returned to the USS Tiru Feb of '67 left Oct'68 to Escape Training Tank @ Sub Base as a Chief Diving Instructor. Ret. on Maui in 1974, 24 yrs with Maui Electric Co. then Ret in 1999. To all shipmates of the USS Tiru, My fondest ALOHA 

Ralph Anderson (49-50) 8 Mar 10:
Served aboard Tiru March 1949 thru June 1950 would like to find some of my former friends and shipmates.

(send replies via webmaster(at)usstiru.org and they will be forwarded)

David Hoag (66-69) 24 Feb 10:
Shout out to those in the Australian Navy that picked me up while floating in a rubber raft after Chief Gallagher and I got tossed out trying to determine ships depth so we could try to back off the reef. Also thanks for the ride on the life line it's a sea story I continue to tell. Still haven't been able to contact Lum, Babion or Quintero. Do remember Cross and Lt.   Watanabe Torpedomen J.R. and Tompkins. Still remember those poker games and losing a lot of money playing cribbage.  
(send replies via webmaster(at)usstiru.org and they will be forwarded)


Tom Lee (64-68) 17 Feb 10: For Dave McCune
Dave we both married Australians & you were best man at my
wedding, please contact me.
(send replies via webmaster(at)usstiru.org and they will be forwarded)

Matthew Picklo,Sr.(son of John Picklo (58-60))17 Sep 09:
I just wanted to touch base with the previous ship mates of my father John J. Picklo, Jr. who served on the Tiru from 1957 to 1959. He was an electrician. He told us children stories of being in Hong Kong, Japan, and Hawaii. He passed away in 1983.

(send replies to webmaster(at)usstiru.org and it will be forwarded)

Garry Young (68-70) 22 May 09:
I was assigned to the Tiru from Spring of 68 to discharge in April of 1970.  Left ship in Rota,Spain. I want a USS Tiru hat. Can anyone help?  Spent 4 years in subs, 2 year on USS Raton then decommissioned and sent to USS Tiru for last 2 years. A proud submariner.

(send replies to webmaster(at)usstiru.org and it will be forwarded)

Stephen R. Deifel (68-70) 22 Feb 09:
Hi! Any of you guys remember "Flash" (thought I'd never use that tag again). That sorry mess cook on the first day heading out to Westpac cruise? Or you remember our favorite Commissaryman 3rd? Well, after all these years I'm still breathing. I didn't know the Tiru even had a website until today. I plan on getting my info together and get in on some of the fun you guys have been having. Talk later, good to know the old boat is still alive in our memories. Steve
(send replies to webmaster(at)usstiru.org and it will be forwarded)

Ron Maxwell (63-64)31 Jan 09:

I have a claim with VA for cancer that was approved today for 100% disability, but with a zero rating that we will get changed to 100%. The cancer I had was in the throat, on the tonsil. A type of skin cancer. My wife did all the research, and tied it to asbestos, which every sailor has come in contact with. Even if you smoke and drink, the Navy has to take responsibility. It's a very precedent setting case, that could help a lot of people. Our lawyer has all the records that anyone would need, and I would be glad to assist anyone that contacts me.

(send reply to webmaster(at)usstiru.org and it will be forwarded. Ron has also sent two documents that contain information regarding diseases subject to presumptive service connection by the VA) (click here to view)

Ron Maxwell (63-64)28 Jan 09:
Gordon Tigrett, & "Goose" Gambles, both EM1 were the two controllermen (on board at same time). Tried to locate Gordon, and found he had died a few years ago. No idea how to find Goose. He was a tall skinny black guy that played basketball for subpac. Can't remember his first name, or his wife's either. If anyone knows him, have him contact me I'd be glad to hear from any of the crew. Be nice to have a list. Names are hard to remember.
(send replies to webmaster(at)usstiru.org and it will be forwarded) Note: Ron has made contact with Goose.

Fred Flint (68-71) 20 Nov 08:
I know one of my old shipmates was looking for the lead seaman by the name of Tom Argo, with a 58 Vet. (send replies to webmaster(at)usstiru.org and it will be forwarded)

Born September 2, 1948, Vallejo, Ca. The story is I was the first baby born to a (TIRU) crewmember. Lawrence V. McNamara. Maybe an original crewmember can verify and yes TIRU is on my birth certificate.  Thanks TIRUMAC

[Engineman First Class Laurence McNamara was a member of the commissioning crew and stayed on Tiru until 13 January 1951 when he was transferred to Pittsburg Atomic Energy Commission; he later served on the USS Nautilus. If anyone has any recollections of this event please contact webmaster(at)usstiru.org.]


Don Mandrino (71-74) 5 Oct 08:
Hats off to Glenn and Pat for the great reunion, you both did your homework and made everything within reach and easy to get to. The NY weather was great, the sites, and that added bonus with the fireworks over the falls was great. I took several pictures so we'll see how they turned out. Pam and me had a great time and she finally got to see faces with the tall stories of the past to match. It was great see Dwight and Jerry after 34 years, hopefully we can get more of the crew together it the future reunions.

Jerry Tighe (73-75) 30 Sep 08:
Glenn & Pat Bravo Zulu on the 08 reunion. We had a great time. I was glad to see that I wasn't the only one to acquire "blond" hair. Hope to see everyone next year in Groton. Everyone stay safe and healthy.

Chuck and Belinda Coker (72-74) 28 Sep 08:
Congrats to Glenn and Pat, you guys did a great job on a successful reunion. Glad to see Mandrino actually did have a wife after all of these years, Pam great to meet you and had fun hanging. Great seeing old friends again and let's keep this up as long as folks are willing to come. The only thing I ask is that the next reunion is at least 500 miles from a "Coach" outlet so Bel and Ginny cannot save Bill and I some more bucks!!!!!

Dwight Dexter (70-73) 22 Sep 08:
First Job Well Done to Glen and his Lady Pat! Donna on third flight were still laughing thinking of the fun we had. As Mr. Bill would say, " You can take the sailor out of the After-Battery, But you can't take the After-Battery out of the sailor." THANK GOD! Some rules are to be followed. Some. It was great seeing all of you "Drop a line, so we can get ready for 09!

Webmaster: 11 Aug 08:
Anyone remembering Fred Sigur please contact webmaster - webmaster(at)usstiru.org.

Mike Donegan (73-75) 5 Jun 08:
(send replies to webmaster(at)usstiru.org and they will be forwarded)

Peter Oliver (67-68) 16 Feb 08:
My deepest respect and regards for my Captain. Captain J. D. Shilling, 1967-8 (9 Oct 07)
I served under him out there in the NorthChinaSea, Vietnam from 1967 to 1969. 
Hey Guys, wouldn't you know, I'm' still here. Oliver, STS 2 SS (yah Qualified too) Honorably Discharged at Pearl Harbor June 9th 1969. I should of shot some of us out that Forward Torpedo Tube for fun, years ago.
My USS Tiru SS 416. You get me on her deck for a muster one more time, and I will surely vent the Sanitary through that ships whistle of ours. I always wanted to do that, but at the last moments I relented.
Lucky you, lucky me. 
G-d bless you all, and many many thanks for the great recoveries from down Under. I would go there again anytime. 
Thanks for letting me know there was "Smoke In The Boat" , and especially for letting us all know that we were now getting ready to vent the Sanitary Tank "InBoard". I always thought you should of let us all been surprised about that one. I mean why warn anyone. We'd all know soon enough! Love and Kisses from your Sonar Tech!Oliver.  (send replies to webmaster(at)usstiru.org and they will be forwarded)


Bill Stallings (58-59) 16 Feb 08:
Hello Shipmates.....Good to hear from you. As an IC2, I served aboard the Tiru from June '58 - May '59. My first duty was on the USS Stickleback (SS415), 'til its ill-fated dive in May '58.  I was the first black member of either crew. I'm wondering if you are in contact with anyone who served during my time ('58 - '59). I am in Detroit, Mi, and would love to make the reunion, but not if I don't know anyone........Bill Stallings, alias: "Cool Breeze". (send replies to webmaster(at)usstiru.org and they will be forwarded)  

William Ingles (52-56) 21 Dec 07:
Chief Ingles, a retired TMC. was COB on Tiru during the early fifties. He currently resides in the Washington Soldiers Home in Orting, WA. Bill would appreciate contact from old shipmates.
[Please send replies to webmaster(at)usstiru.org and it will be forwarded to the South Sound Base, USSVI for delivery to Bill.]

Pete Campana (64-66) 8 Dec 07:
For Jessie Kelley: I was also a Radiomen and had some questions for you about your time onboard during the reef incident.
[Please send replies to webmaster(at)usstiru.org and it will be forwarded to Pete.]

Tom Tompkins (66-71) 10 Oct 07:
I served on Tiru from July 66 til Aug 71. Came aboard just before WestPac and was aboard when crashed into Fredricks Reef. Rode boat to West Coast and then thru the Panama Canal to Charleston, SC. Interested in hearing from old shipmates.
[If anyone wishes to contact Tom please send email to webmaster(at)usstiru.org and it will be forwarded.]

Mike Donegan (74-75) 22 Sep 07:

Chuck & Belinda Coker (72-75) 10 Sep 07:
Thank all of the shipmates that took the time to come to the 2007 Reunion in Norfolk. I had a blast and hope everyone else did also. Looking forward to going to New York next year. Have got to find out if us southerners require a pass to go that far North,,,,Glenn, maybe you can help me out.
Anyway, as usual, looking forward to next year. Chuck and Belinda

Tim McAfee (73-74) 5 Sep 07:
Just wanted to say hi to some of the people I served with like Don Mandrino, Mike Hickey, and Doug (Chuck) Coker. Hope you are all doing fine it was kind of special to see some names I haven't seen in thirty years.
[If anyone wishes to contact Tim please send email to webmaster(at)usstiru.org and it will be forwarded.]

Dick Murphy  (71) 28 Aug 07:
Many thanks and kudoes to Belinda and Chuck Coker for another great Tiru reunion. Sometimes you don't have the opportunity to take it all in and reflect back on so many of the activities and events including all the friends, new and old, these reunions have renewed and started. To have five great reunions in five years is quite a feat. Chuck and Belinda, you provided us with plenty of good old Naawwfolk hospitality and showed many of us old salts that now we and dogs can both be allowed on the grass of Norfolk now. Great tour of Williamsburg and of the battleship USS Wisconsin. If any other boat sailors are looking for a place to hold their upcoming reunions and they surf through our website, I know I can wholeheartedly recommend Belinda and Chuck Coker as the Norfolk Reunion Coordinating Central,Inc. Not only do you get a great team and location but they have their own embroidery clothing business to boot. I smell success and you can take that to the bank. How much are you going to sell stock in your company for? To all those who could not make the Norfolk reunion, sorry but you missed a great one but start making plans for the 2008 USS Tiru Reunion in Niagara Falls, NY hosted by Pat and Glenn Reed. See you there and remember if you're planning to attend the 2008 Reunion, if you're coming across through Canada, you'll need passports, so apply for them now. DBF to all Dick and Jill

Dave Saunders 3 Jul 07:
Hello my name is Dave I was given an Original Zippo lighter from the USS Tiru SS416 by my grandfather when he past away. It was given to him by one of the crew. My grandfather was very proud of it. So I'm looking for the crew member that gave it to him to see if he or his family want it back in there possession I don't know the crew man that gave it to him but it has (Penguins) engraved on the bottom of the lighter if that's any help. I do look forward to hearing back from you soon.
[If anyone has any info that might help Dave please send to webmaster(at)usstiru.org and it will be forwarded.]

Bruce McComb (74-75) 10 Feb 07:
During the decommissioning process, I just happened to find myself in possession of the TIRU plaque - by Walt Disney studios.  In the mid-80's I donated it to the Naval Undersea Museum in Keyport.  So if anyone saw the TIRU plaque there, that's how it got there!

Gary Demas (75)(reply to Michael Hickey) 15 Jan 07:

Mr. Hickey... I know this Captain Smith, I partied with this man. We ran the gate together one night. Sam driving and me ducking the guards club. I don't believe he would be sea worthy today. I know he wouldn't be Captain either. Something to do with priorities I'm sure. More likely he will be found as a lounge piano player in some dusty bar outside Lincoln. Now you sir, you had an influence. We have also partied. I was there for such a short time but I have many memories. If I keep writing, I'm sure the iceberg will tip over. Take care.

Raymond Burgoon (56-59) Jan 07: I am trying to locate people that were on board the Tiru with me.
[If anyone wishes to contact Raymond please send to webmaster(at)usstiru.org and it will be forwarded.]

Neal Chaves (67-68) 29 Aug 06:
These reunions keep getting bigger and better. 2006 in Silverdale WA was fantastic. Earle and Sandra Smith deserve a special commendation for a job done to perfection, including the weather!

Jim Wilkinson (57-58) 15 Aug 06:
Does anyone know where I can find material similar to that which we had to go through to qualify on Tiru?
My grandkids (my daughter also) is asking what we had to do to get the dolphins, and it is hard to explain without the actual paperwork and diagrams of the boat.
Any help is appreciated.
[If anyone has any info that might help Jim please send to webmaster(at)usstiru.org and it will be forwarded.]

John Anulies (subsailor) 27 Jul 06:
I am trying to locate my former shipmate and liberty partner. His name is Edward T. Arden. He was a missile technician third class when we were both on the USS Sam Houston in '64 and '65. We both went to Dam Neck, VA for SpecTech and other advanced schooling. He changed to an ET rating and became a NAVET as far as I know. His orders from Dam Neck took him to Pearl Harbor and the USS Tiru. I was to go to the Medregal but got Shore Duty in New London instead (a whole different reality). I believe he was on the Tiru when she ran aground. I have not been able to locate him in all these years. Can anyone help.
[Note: Edward was on Tiru from 1966 to 1968 as an ET2.

Bob Daubenspeck (62-65) 21 Jun 06:
Hi all you Tiru sailors,
This is Bob Daubenspeck and I have some bad news to report to you all. Well on Apr 29 I past out and spent the next 18 days in the hospital.  Seven of those days were on life support. I now go to the dialysis 3 days a week. I was hoping to  make the reunion, but on yesterday when I was leaving the dialysis and was standing on the scale to see how much water they took off, I passed out and I went down on my knees before the nurse got me stopped and some help to lay me down.  So if things don't start turning around for me before the reunion, you all have a good time.  I was really looking forward to coming to the west coast to see Oregon and Washington as I have never been there before, but it doesn't seem like things are going my way.

Michael Hickey (72-75) Jun 06:
Has anyone seen Mark Whiteing last I heard he was drunk on a shrimp boat off Mississippi? Mike Donenegan was with him.  Lt Sam Smith was the Captain. [For Michael: you didn't include any contact info for replies to your inquiry]

STC(SS) John T. Scofield May 06:
Looking for Bruce Erickson ( AKA tiru magoo) STC (SS). Wife Shirley. I last saw him on my 61 & 63 west pacs while on USS Caiman SS323 if you can forward I would appreciate. Thanks and keep a zero bubble.
(Erickson was on Tiru Dec52 to May 56 and again from Jun 60 to Nov 62, send replies to webmaster(at)usstiru.org and they will be forwarded to Chief Scofield).

MMCS(SS) Tony Gray May 06:
I am trying to locate Larry Pelly who served on Tiru at Pearl in late 50's.
(Pelly was on Tiru Feb 56 to Oct 58, and again in Jan 66, he was an IC, send replies to webmaster(at)usstiru.org).

John Peregoy (60-64) Jan 06:
Would like to contact Fredrick Payne, Pete Mazuc, and Jerry Murdock. If anyone knows how to contact any of them please let me know. Thanks. Send reply to webmaster(at)usstiru.org.

CINC Charlie (72-75) Dec 05:
Which of you sleazy sub sailors is sending me the Grey Poupon mustard in various flavors and signing a former CO 's name to the card.........You will be found out and brought to justice.... DBF

Chuck Coker (72-75): Nov 05:
Just thought we would let you guys know that Belinda and I are finally going to tie the knot on June 24, 2006.  We have been together for 12 years so I guess it is about time.

Ron "Bubbles" Nordberg, (ex Able Seaman Clearance Diver, Royal Australian Navy) Oct 05:

Hello to all the "Tiru" sailors.

I was one of the diving team from HMAS Vendetta when you guys ran aground in 1966. We were extremely disappointed that we were not   allowed to accompany you to Brisbane as we were anticipating some wild partying.  Vendetta's pennant number was 08, and she was known in our navy as "Rescue 8" from a TV show of the time.  It seemed that if there was a rescue of any sort anywhere, Vendetta got the job.  I was not a member of her crew.  I was actually a member of Clearance Diving Team 2 based in Sydney.  We were working on a sonar dome on another ship when the call came for volunteers for a "mercy dash".  We anticipated all the extra allowances and put our hands up. Glad we were able to be of assistance and would love to hear from anyone from that time.

I thought you might like a picture of the two Australian ships involved in your grounding in 1966. The first is HMAS Sydney. This shot was taken when I was aboard and we were transporting 1 Battalion the Royal Australian Regiment on their way to Vietnam in 1965. The second shot is HMAS Vendetta being refueled by HMAS Sydney, date is unknown. The third is the Sydney's crest and the last is the crest of Vendetta.
Hope they mean something to you. Regards from us here in Australia who remember your plight in 1966.            (Click here to view photos)

[send any replies to webmaster and I will forward to Ron]

Don Mandrino (71-74) Sep 05:
My many thanks going out to Ginny and Bill Fatek for the  outstanding job they did in setting up the 2005 Reunion.   You couldn't ask for a better time and the weather was great also. I know it's takes a lot of behind the scenes work to pull the reunion off. It's great to be able to visit with old ship   mates, and other Tiru shipmates of the past. Over the past 3 years I've met several others and it's a joyful time to talk to the older crew members and to get to know them better. It's just like Capt. C. said we are a band of brothers and if you haven't been their you don't know what it was like. With all the problems in the world today, at least we can go back in time and know that we all did our part in American History to protect the US and our Freedom. Again I want to thank Bill and Ginny and everybody else who help in the planning and the setting up of the 2005 Reunion and looking forward to the next one.

Neal Chaves (67-68) Sep 05:
Thanks (to Bill) so much for producing the New London 2005 Reunion, it was terrific!  The dinner at Sub Vets could not be topped.

Richard Dora (49-50) Sep 05: I really wanted to make this one. Have some good buddies from the good days living in New London area.  Good luck to all.....Doro MM2-SS.

Pete Campana (64-66) Aug 05:
Was wondering if anyone remembered Lt. Killen. He was Communications officer while I was onboard the Tiru. Thanks....

Larry Inzano (69-71) Jul 05:
Sounds like I missed a great reunion in Milwaukee. I am still cooking in the Chicago area. I own a catering and special events company. Phil White thanks for the compliment on my lasagna. I can be reached at chefinzano@usstiru.org

Ken Krause (62) Jun 05:
A while back I asked if anyone knew where I might be able to get a Tiru "rocker" shoulder patch for my USSVI vest.  A shipmatecontacted me & sent me an extra one he had, of which I was very grateful.  Unfortunately, before I could thank the individual who sent it to me & sew it onto my vest his letter with the patch & his name & return address disappeared.  I suspect that it ended up in the "paper trash" when my grandkids were here & on the computer. I'm still looking for a shoulder patch but hopefully the shipmate that sent me his might be able to read this & understand that I was not ignoring him & appreciated his kind effort.

Cliff Whatley (ex Leading Seaman Cook, RAN, 71-80) Apr 05:
Just dropping a line to congratulate you all for keeping the memories of USS TIRU alive. Back in the 60's TIRU visited Brisbane, Australia. She was berthed at the New Farm Naval Depot (later named HMAS Moreton) about 10 miles upstream in the Brisbane River. At the time I was a Sea Cadet and as such we were privileged to be shown through Tiru. I remember that after leaving Brisbane, Tiru ran into some difficulties (ran aground) on the Great barrier Reef and was later assisted by the powerful Brisbane based Tug 'CARLOCK'. I went on to join the ROYAL AUSTRALIAN NAVY in 1971 and served in HMA Ships 'SYDNEY' (converted carrier), 'MELBOURNE' (aircraft carrier), 'TARAKAN & BETANO' (heavy landing craft), and 'HOBART' (one of our Charles F Adams DDG's) and several shore depots in between. My chosen branch was the Cookery branch and I paid off in 1980 after 9 years service which included service in Vietnam aboard HMAS SYDNEY. Although I never served on Subs, I have always held submariners in high regard after the visit to Brisbane by the USS TIRU. This site has brought back some pleasant memories.
Howard J. Cooper (son of Donald Cooper (68?) Apr 05:
I am the son of Donald Cooper From Pine Bluff AK. He was a member of the crew in the 60's at some point. I am trying to find out exactly when. He would have been the Yeoman for the Tiru. I would appreciate any information on my father that anyone may have. He passed away May of 91. He served for 20 years retiring in 1979. His last boat was USS Jallao. Thank you.
(Send any information to: SonOfCooper@usstiru.org)

Barry Quinn, MIDN 1C (70)  Feb05:
Do you remember the Lead Seaman who was a short-timer that summer and mustered out about the time we middies (there were two of us) left in late July-early August (1970) for our summer leave after cruise? Would appreciate his name, just don't remember. I do remember that he was fond of using what I still consider the most vile oath utterable, involving God and his member, and usually did so when the boat was many feet below the surface, it used to spook me, truly - I asked him to wait til we had surfaced, then I would mind a lot less. He lived in LA and drove an older pre-63 Corvette, a 62 or 61 or such, and I spent a week with him fooling around there before going home to Sacto.

Pete Campana (64-66) Jan 05:
Would like to know about Captain Surman that was the commander when I went onboard the Tiru in 1964.

Jamie Pyle (son of Duane Elser (49-50)) Jan 05:
My father was a crewman on the USS Tiru 1949-1952.  Will there be a 2005 Tiru reunion?  If so, I would like some information regarding when and where the reunion will be held.  Any specifics that can be provided would be most appreciated.  Thank you.

Frank Hood (58-60) Jan 05:
Hi, Wilson Charles R. "Tiru Willis" passed away in 1972 or 73, his wife Loni followed him a couple of years later. They are buried together in Punchbowl. Willie was my Best friend. I reported aboard Tiru in May 0f 1958, My COs were MacDonald, Cobean and Thomas. Aloha

Ken Krause (61-62) Jan 05:
Looking for anyone who might know where I'd be able to obtain a Tiru shoulder rocker patch.  Needed for my USSVI vest.  Any info would be welcome. (send responses to webmaster(at)usstiru.com and they will be forwarded to Ken).
Thanks, ex Tiru crew member, Ken Krause

Greg Martell (Wisconsin Maritime Museum) Nov 04:
Hello Tiru Boatman,
First of all you have a great web site!
I also would like to thank you all for coming to Manitowoc for your reunion. The museum staff had a great time with you all.
In October we had the 28 boat reunion at the museum. It was a great time for all who worked at the museum and those who came to the reunion.
I viewed the photos of the reunion. I see your tour guide was Roland Soucy. He is in some of the photos. Roland is a plank owner on the Rasher and he did four war patrols on it before he got severely injured in a motorcycle accident. Roland and I are very close friends. At the museum they call both of us "Brothers". Three weeks ago Roland had surgery for cancer. Everyday I spend time with him at his home. Yesterday I took him to the museum for a short while. The cancer Roland has is very aggressive. A few extra prays I'm sure will help.
Take care and come back to Manitowoc.

Jim Flannery (70-72) Oct 04:
Got info for reunion too late to go, but am planning on New London in '05. Lots of names on crew list I remember. Will be good to see some of the hardest workers I've known [those who helped
to overhaul all engines prior to Med run]. Congrats to David Booth for such a good web site.

Lou House (55-60) Sep 04:

Hank & Nancy Trujillo (55-58) Sep 04:
This being our first reunion we were sorry we missed the first one but definitely looking forward to the next.  It was great seeing old friends and meeting new ones.  Everything was very organized.  A big thanks to Murphy and his crew for an outstanding job.  We cant believe how quickly the time went and what great memories we have.  Thanks so much

Bill Dexter (10/54-4/58) Sep 04:
Jan and I would like to express our appreciation for the excellent reunion.  When driving away to Chicago we both commented how it far exceeded our expectations, and both of us were sad it was over so quickly.  It was great to renew some old friendships and make some new ones.  Looking forward to the next one....GREAT JOB BY ALL...  Thanks

Don Mandrino (71-74) Sep 04:
Can't believe a week has already gone by. Many thanks to Murph, Frank, Joe, Charles, and Chris, and Jill for the outstanding job with the 2nd reunion. I had a great time and got to see a couple old friends from 30 years ago. I'm looking forward to the next one and will also try and get some more crew members to come. Again many thanks to Murph and Jill, Frank and Chris for the hard and extra work they but into the reunion to make it a success. Plus all the others. You're not suppose to wish you were back in the past, but life was a lot easier in those days with great friend working for one common goal in making America a Free Country.

Jack Jarvies (61-63) Sep 04:
Rose and I would like to thank you and the whole crew that put this reunion together. I have been to reunions for 5 different boats. some of them several times, and I can say this is the best one ever. Thank you.

Chuck Coker (72-75) Sep 04:
Just got back from the reunion in Wisconsin and want to express my appreciation to Frank, Smurf, Joe and Dave for the wonderful job that they did on the reunion and web site.  GREAT JOB.  For the guys out there that have not been to a reunion yet, this is my second and will not miss one.  My telephone number has changed...(757) 435-8427...sorry can't figure out how to change it on the listing.  Willie Taylor...sure wish you had known about this one, was sure a good time, hopefully next year you can make it.  If anyone is through Virginia Beach/Norfolk area, give me a yell

Joseph Wryk (8/66-1/69) Aug 04: 
  The latest issue of "Shift Colors" indicated there was a reun
ion of the U.S.S. Tiru, so I called "Murph" and with other things was made aware of this web site.
  I served on Tiru from Aug. 1966 to Jan 1969 and considered it probably the best submarine tour I experienced in my 25 years in the Submarine Navy.  After leaving Tiru I went on to serve on FBM and Attack Submarines as well as to serve on Submarine Squadron staffs.  I retired in 1989 as a Master Chief.
  I am currently the the Deputy Director of the SUBSAFE Program Department at Northrop Grumman Newport News at Newport News, Virginia.
  I would like to hear from any other Tiru sailors.

Willie Taylor (71-73) Aug 04:

Phil White (67-70) Jul 04:
Pete Campana, You bet I knew Benny Cross.  He was responsible for saving me from being a Quartermaster.  I was headed that way until I was working with him on quals and he talked me into becoming an Auxillaryman.  I have always wanted to thank him as I've spent the last 31 yrs. as an HVAC Service Technician, 28 yrs as a Service Mgr.
I went on board when the Tiru returned from Austrailia and Benny was the LPO of the Aux. Gang.  He left, I would guess sometime in late 67 or early 68.  Have never heard what became of him.

Tom Lee (64-68) Jul 04:
Sorry I could not make it (the reunion). I was an EN1 on the Tiru from 64 to 68. My 1st and best tour in the Navy because of the sailor's I served with. Some of you may remember me.  Ask Tex if he remembers a cab ride to Surface Paridice. I am now a NCCS Ret. living in Springfield Mo. Good luck to all.   Tom

Pete Campana (64-66) Jul 04:
Dutch Uncle" ....over.....
I was onboard the "Greasy "T" 64 to 66. Left her before she went
up on the reef off of Australia. Was wondering if anyone knew a Auxiliary men
named "Benny Cross". He was one of the shipmates that was hurt going
over the side to inspect for damage when the Tiru was on the reef.
Jessie Kelley - would be great to hear from you....Thanks

Tom Lee (64-68) Jul 04:
Does anyone know how to contact Russell Pierce (was an EN1 in 68) and Doc Ralph Mummy, Ret WO. My email: lee(at)usstiru.com

Jesse Kelley (Nov 66) Jun 04:
Spent a few hours on the rocks on the old girl. I was a radioman while on board. Enjoyed my stay. fine ship, fine crew. my e-mail, kelley.jessie(at)usstiru.com, drop me a line or two.

Richard Noble (1961-62) Jun 04:
To: Emmett Hale
Yes we served together on Tiru during 1961-62. I tried to contact you by replying to your e-mail without success.

Phil White (67-70) Jun 04:
To All Tiru Shipmates. I plan to travel x-country to the reunion from my home in Bend, Oregon.  Will be in Truck & Camper.  My route will run from Central Oregon up to Spokene, Wa. where I'll catch I-90 and head east.  Would love to connect with others who may be RVing to the reunion.  Thought it would be cool to pick-up shippies along the way and form a convoy.  I plan to stay on I-90 into Montana the switch to I-94 and stay North thru North Dakota, Minnesota, & into Wisconsin. I haven't decided on RV campground in area of reunion yet but will be finalizing plans by end of this month.   Anyone interested in same plan give me a note via email. Hope to see you all there.

Richard Murphy (71) Jun 04:
Frank Mennel, Art Steinke and I made it to Muskegon for the Lost Boat Ceremony at the USS Silversides SS 236 Memorial Day weekend and had a great time. What a turnout. Huge group of WWII sub vets in attendance. Frank took some pictures and I hope he'll send them on for posting on the website. Stood on deck and saw #3 & #4 Diesels light off using the Tiru parts. Never thought I experience that ever again in this lifetime. Wish all of you could have been there for that at least one more time.

Richard Noble (60-62) May 04:
To: Denny Golladay Just received my pass word and viewed your message. Have tried to get in touch with you but cannot find a valid phone number. Please reply.

Richard Buckelew (Buck) (55-59) May 04:
Left Tiru in 1959 for Nuclear  School at Windsor,CT. Stayed 1 year of a 2 year assignment. Had a Commander in my class that had enough pull to take me with him to put the USSN Dace( 607) in commission in Mississippi. Got out of the Navy as a 1st class Machinist's Mate P-2(SS) in 1963. Joined the Air Force and was assigned to Air Force/CIA Intelligence. I was a Chief Master Sergeant (E-9) With 17 years of service and retired at 20 years. Now I live on my Father 's ranch and dabble in the commodity Market. I will also sent you some stuff , pictures of people and Tiru trinkets.

Jim Palmer  (52-54) May 04:
Jim is attempting to try and find.  E. E. Hostmyer. Believe the first name was Ellis. He was an Engineman from WV.  Gary D. Tompkins. He was an ET2 from CA.  Richard L. Tucker. He was a TM2(SS) from Bremerton Wa. 

W.B. Bradley  (55-56) Apr 04:
Thanks for the news letter but I won't be able to go to the reunion this time. I couldn't drive to the Thornback reunion last week either. When I saw filet mignon on the menu it reminded me of the many times the chief cook (No Ass Alderson) would give us guys a case of those steaks, potatoes and everything else that goes with a cook out. then we would stop at the club on the base and buy all the beer and scotch we needed and go over the mountain to Bellows Field for a wild week end. I don't know how I lived so many years. Hope all you guys have a great time.

George Altheide (53-56) Apr 04:
Anyone with information regarding any of the shipmates that possibly served with me. Please forward the information. Thank you.   

Bruce Murphy (67-68) Apr 04:
I've been searching for for some of you from the 68 west pac. The web site is great. I've got some pictures of my own and will get
them posted A.S.A.P. By the way the picture by the pool is "Lurch" not me. See You all in Sept.

Gary Birlem (67-70) Apr 04:
Hey guys... thanks to you who started Tiru's reunions and to those who are putting together this year's event.  What a flashback to the good old days.  And thanks for the web site.  A couple of years ago I searched on the computer for information about Tiru and the guys I served with.  At that time I probably couldn't have named more than a half dozen of the guys on the boat.  But now, after reading all the names and seeing the photos, the memories and stories are coming back.  I look forward to seeing you guys and re-living some of our experiences and catching up on the last 33 years.   

Edwin Davis, CSCS (SS)  Tunny  Apr 04:
I served on Tunny SSG282 at Pearl, at the same time frame J.B Maghee CSC SS was on Tiru, we served together on the food service team at Pearl 62-64. If you have a contact address, phone number or email address for JB, I sure would like to have it. I have been trying to locate him for about twenty years now. Thanks Ed Davis Armed Forces Retirement Home Gulf Port Ms. Or he could call me at 228-326-9557

Rick Luther (69-71) Apr 04:
Looking forward to the reunion. Right in my backyard. If anyone is flying or driving into Milwaukee and needs anything feel free to call me at 800-284-9170 days or email me and I'll see what we can do. Hey Ernie, remember bread balls and seagulls ?

John (Jack) Jarvies (61-63) Apr 04:
Great time on Tiru.  Went on to Carbonero as CO,  retired as Cdr in 72.

Dean Forbes (70-72) Apr 04:
Retired from Naval Reserves 31 DEC 1993 as a YN1 (SS).

Denny Golladay (60-62) Mar 04:
To Richard Noble: Have photo of you and I on forward deck of Tiru in Pearl. You were on Quarterdeck watch.

David Booth (69-72) Mar 04:
Anyone have any information about Fred Flint or Purcell?

Robert Rossman (70-74) Mar 04:
Arrived on board in San Diego when Tiru came in after its last WesPac.  I left before she was decommissioned.  Got a little teared up when I saw the pictures of her sinking.  I'm proud to have served on board and have fond memories of shipmates and both the good and the bad times.  I hope to join other members of her crew at this year's reunion.

Ernie Ottoson (70-73) Mar 04:
Looking forward to getting my name on the crew list and seeing more of my shipmates at the next reunion in 2004. The 2003 reunion in Charleston was great and totally highlighted by the presents of some guys that were on her when she was brand new. My thanks to Joe the Yo and Charlie don't broach me Stienart for their efforts in making the 2003 reunion a success, Murph and Frank,your doing a great job to make the next one even more successful. D.B.F.

James Akey (71-73) Feb 04:

Chuck Coker (72-75) Feb 04:
Belinda and I have been so busy traveling with work that we have not had much of a chance to do anything.  Am planning on going
to the next reunion, will not miss it for the world.

Phil White (67-70) Feb 04:
In checking shipmate list I didn't see Lorenzo Inzano. He was one of the cooks in late 60's.  Very talented Italian cook.  Best lasagna before of since.  We need to get him to reunion and put him to work on that Lasagna for old time sake. Just thought...don't remember seeing Harbor's name on the list.  Also a cook, mid-late 60's.  If he is on list... disregard. I'm in constant contact with Carl Ward EN2SS/DV. He married my sister and are still together. Have been in contact with: Joe (Taco) Torres, John Mathews, Heckenkamp, Howard Watanabe & Larry Standlee. I have seen Leo Duffner on TV in last couple years. He is, or was, a Homicide Detective in Tuscon, Az. Documentary on Murder Case he was involved in. I have visited with Dennis Degrossilier (Spelling ?)in Yakama, Wa. but that was 20 yrs. ago.  Don't know if he is still in Yakama.
I visited with Doc Brandt in Boise, Id. more than 20 yrs. ago. I found his name in the phone book last summer and would like to have talked to him but my schedule didn't allow.
Terry "Tree" Ochletree came to my area, Bend, Oregon, back in late 70's or early 80's and Ward came down from Kennewick, Wa. and we had a good time shootn-the-shit. Last I heard he was still in the Fresno, Calif. area. His address was Clovis, Ca. and his hometown is Oakhurst, Ca., all in the same general area.
That's all I can recall at present but I will be happy to submit any info. I can and will glad to hear from anyone who served on OLD Tiru Maru especially those on board at the same time I was.
Would really like to hear from RL Hampton, Ochletree, Draheim, Duffner, Rantenan, "Lurch" Murphy, dang.....too many to list.
Would like to hear about numerous officers...Mr. Booth, Mr. Stayle, Mr. Arisic, Mr. Bolster...I hear he may be in Oregon somewhere, and others. (I'm sure I've mispelled some of the names but it has been 33+ years.

Eugene (Spooks) Merrill (60-61) Feb 04;
Prior to TIRU Qualified on TANG in 55-59,, SABALO 59-60, TIRU 60-61, BLUEGILL 61-64, TIRU 64-68, Weps Sta Chas SC,68-70, 70-78 BONEFISH (COB), 78-83 Command Maser Chief CSS-7,83-86 DARTER (COB),   Retired in 86 and now Travel the US of A in a 5th wheel camper pulled with a diesel truck (still like the smell of diesel fumes) and Bass boat pulled behind, Turned into a fishing nut.
Life Member of SUBVET's and try to fit the Conventions in our travel schedule, attend many other Boat reunions in conjunction with the SUBVETS Conventions.
Acquired the name of SPOOKS while aboard TANG and has stuck with me throughout my 32 year career, Only those  aboard TANG know how the name came about.