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USS Tiru (SS-416) Web Site

This is a dedicated web site for former crew members of Tiru and other interested parties.  It provides information on the history of Tiru and news about reunions and former crew members. Any suggestions or comments to improve the site will be appreciated. The site was started on 30 Jan 04 and continues to be a work in progress. Some areas are incomplete and of need of input from former crew members. Please send any errors noted and desired changes to webmaster(at) or use the contact form and they will be added to the ToDo List.
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~~~~~~   2014 Reunion 25-27 Sep 14 at Canandaigua, N.Y.  ~~~~~~~~~~~

2014 Reunion: Canandaigua, N.Y, 25-27 September 2014. Host: Don Mandrino. Details have been posted.  (click here)


A Note from the President:

The planned participation in this years reunion is at an all time low. To date we only have 27 people signed up to come. Without knowing how many people are coming it is nearly impossible to estimate how much we need and what kind of reservations for busses, meals, rooms etc. to commit to. Don has given it his best guess along with conferring with others who have conducted reunions, but this minimal turnout is discouraging. There is a lot planned and I know that those of us that have signed up are looking forward to it.


Regardless of how many show up, WE WILL HAVE THE REUNION  this year. We may have to consider going to every other year but that is only my thought now. Interesting enough, during one of my business trips, while I was at the airport waiting for a flight, there was a WWII submarine sailor from the COD. He was on his way to a reunion in Mobile. He told me that there were only 7 of them left and it was getting harder for some of them (both he and his wife were in wheel chairs) to get there, but they all felt that they would continue until it was down to the last guy. I am hoping that we have the same attitude.

Please, if you are coming please register so we can get a better head count, and if you are a regular at these events and arenít coming, please fill out one of the comment/inquiry forms to let us know, and if possible why. 

Thanks  - Bill


2013 Reunion: Charleston, SC, 26-28 September 2013.
 Many thanks to our hosts Robyne and Charles Steinert for a most enjoyable reunion.  Photos will be posted when received, please send your photos to webmaster(at)         (click here for current photos)    

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